A LONG List of Villain DisneyBound Outfit Ideas For the Parks

Planning on DisneyBounding on your next Disney World trip?

Ariel DisneyBound

If you’re currently panicking about what to wear — fret not. We’ve got you covered! Let’s go over some great options that will keep you comfy, well-dressed, and subtly themed as your favorite Disney Villains. Let’s check them out!

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Today, we’ve got a lot of your favorite villain looks to go over, so let’s dive right in and plan those outfits.

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Now let’s get right to it!


Feeling a little villainous? Let’s dress like your favorite captain. Start off with a white short-sleeved polo and wine-red shorts. Put on your favorite Captain Hook socks and lace up your black fashion sneakers. Make sure to wear your red vest that’s decorated with Hook and Alligator iron-on patches. Top everything off with a wine-red fedora.


We’re going with violet and black with this look. Start off with a violet tank and high-waisted wide-leg pants. Put on your favorite black slide sandals. Hang some poison dangle earrings on your ears and wear your purple cat eye sunglasses on top. Finish off the look with your Emperor’s New Groove-inspired tote bag.


We’re going for the goddess of the underworld here. The base colors are blue and black. Start with a black tie-shoulder tiered frill swing dress and black sandals. Hang some blue flames from your ears. Tie up your hair with a blue ribbon. Pop those Hades Minnie ears on top of your head and block out the sun with your blue rectangle shades.


Either look will start with a purple tank top stretch shorts jumpsuit. Choose a light blue belt bag and Ariel Minnie ears for the Ariel look. Wear a black belt bag, a black high-waisted mini skirt, and Ursula Minnie ears for the Ursula look.  White sneakers and socks for both looks. Wear a starfish necklace and hair clips for the Ariel look. Finish off the Ursula look by wearing a conch necklace and pears in your hair.


Start off with a red and black bowling short-sleeved shirt and black golf shorts. Put on your favorite magic lamp socks and lace up your red sneakers. Top everything off with a Jafar hat and Jafar pop socket for your phone.


Let’s have some fun with this one. The base colors are obviously blue, black, and dark gray. Make sure to throw on a top with some blue flames and while you’re at it, make sure your shades and hat have those blue flame vibes. Wear some gray shorts and rock those blue and black kicks. Oh, and don’t miss out on a Hades-inspired wallet for that chef’s kiss.


Black and white are the main colors for this outfit. You’ve got long-sleeve and short-sleeve options. Either way, make sure that white and black are splitting your top’s left and right sides. Have those black pants and shoes on. Go ahead and throw on some black and white striped socks. Protect those locks with a black and white hat, preferably with Cruella embroidered on it. And please don’t forget that red belt for the win!


Wear a black and white top as your base. Pair it with a black skirt and a Dalmatian print belt. Don’t forget to rock some Cruella earrings and dangle a Cruella backpack over your shoulder.


It’s a perfect time to break out that black lacey cardigan and throw it over a purple dress. Wear those black kicks and red tassels as your belt. Make sure the queen earrings are in place and have her backpack over your shoulder.


Black is the main color for this outfit. Layer a black steampunk underbust corset over a black tank. Wear a long black skirt and black sandals. Wear your Kylo Ren lightsaber earrings and backpack. Finish off the look with a cluster star hair pin.


The force is strong with this look. Rock your chillin’ like a villain tee and reddish shorts. Wear your black skater shoes and Darth Vader hat. You’ll finish it all off with a Darth Vader wallet for the win!

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Which of these looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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