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I recently returned from Walt Disney World and was at Animal Kingdom on a very hot and busy Saturday at lunchtime. I kept finding long lines of people standing in the sun waiting to place orders. Not wanting to wait in one of these lines, I decided to try Mobile Ordering. It was beyond easy and I am not savvy with electronics. If you ever made reservations on My Disney Experience then they have your credit card on file. The menus are easy to see, but what was even better was I placed my order and a few minutes later I walked into Satu'li Canteen and got my order in two minutes -- no waiting in a long line and blaring sun. I am sold on this now. - Bonnie L.
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No room for your refillable mug in your suitcase? Clean it out and put small gift items (or even clothing) inside to save room. - Kristy B.
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Use your leftover dining plan snack credits to buy gifts for friends at home! Goofy's Candy bags are often one snack credit. Same goes for candy apples and rice krispie treats! - Kristy
EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're flying, though, keep in mind that TSA at the Orlando airport may ask you to take out all food items from your carry-on bags for examination when you pass through the security line.
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Make sure you tip your servers for good service in the restaurants! Even if you are from a country that doesn't use a tipping system, you should tip here. The tip is NOT built into the price of the food. There is nothing more frustrating for a server than to give good service, see that the guests enjoy the food and service, and then not get a tip! - Joanne C.
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My niece reserved breakfast at Tusker House for 10:45 a.m. She realized that we could take advantage of early FastPasses and have more available later, PLUS breakfast starts to turn into lunch a little after 11 a.m. so we had the best of all worlds. - Helen F.
My niece made a breakfast reservation at Askerhus in Norway for 9:15 a.m. We were sent to a special queue to check in and entered before the park opened at 9. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were told we could go on the Frozen ride before everyone else got there. It was fantastic! - Helen Friedlander
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I always loved purchasing the antenna toppers -- I must have at least 50 for all the seasons. But our cars no longer have antennas. So I found a new use for them. I purchased a package of inexpensive pens and put them into the toppers. Presto! A cute Disney pen for every season. - Barb Carpenter
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The Savor the Savanna experience at Animal Kingdom has undergone a food change recently. It was very different from the tin camp cans with a few bites of food. Now, it is set up as a sort of appetizer buffet. They said that the change came about to make it more like a cocktail party and less camp-like, like they do for the Wild Africa Trek tour. The offerings still include the spicy nut mix, and now there is also a selection of cheeses. We had a cheddar and goat cheese with grapes and strawberries. There are also fig cakes, pita, fennel and garlic hummus, cilantro lime shrimp, teriyaki beef jerky, prosciutto, edamame, and roasted cauliflower. For dessert, the offerings included a non-dairy brownie (which was more like a bite-size cookie), a strawberry cookie, an "African version" s'more with meringue and ganache, and another bite-size, bar-type cookie/treat. We found this set-up a bit more enjoyable. - Kelly Adams
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At the risk of sounding like a cheap old crank, I would just like to encourage you to consider getting enough groceries to eat breakfast in your room. This is easy with a car, and quite possible otherwise. (We have had good experiences with Garden Grocer delivery.) Whether you save a lot of money depends on a number of variables, but more importantly, you save time -- and time IS money, especially at Disney World! Instead of lining up at the food court, family members can take turns showering/dressing and eating in the room (or out on your balcony or by a nearby garden or pool), and you'll have more time to make the rope drop to utilize those precious less-busy early morning hours in the parks. In addition, eating some healthy, familiar food to start off the day can help ward off unpleasant travel-related GI-upset episodes. It also is a convenience to have your own snacks and beverages handy at the end of a long day instead of hiking back to the food court. You still will have plenty of opportunities to experience Disney dining for lunch and dinner, at places of your choosing. - Theresa A.
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If you're like me, you might collect a Christmas tree bauble (or two) from the World each time you visit -- perhaps with a year on to commemorate a trip. Trouble is, we now have too many for our Christmas tree to easily support! As an alternative, I got some cheap curtain rods -- the telescoping sort -- wrapped them in tinsel, and mounted them along wall shelves, then suspended the baubles from them. It spreads the Disney all around the room, and hey, there's room for lots more! - Matthew
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Did you know that you can use your MagicBand to pay at the Global Marketplaces during Epcot's Food and Wine Festival? If you are staying at a Disney resort hotel and have the Disney Dining Plan or have some sort of payment associated with your MagicBand, you can simply tap it for any eligible food or beverage item. There is a place to tap your MagicBand at each register. The payment will be processed as a room charge or as a dining plan snack credit. - Rick
Did you know that many of the Disney Springs restaurants have their own mailing lists that alert you to special deals and offers? I just received a mailing from Blaze Pizza and right now there is a sweet summer send-off special. Print out the email with the QR code (it can only be used once) and you'll receive a free dessert when you turn it in at the restaurant. You can also download the Blaze Pizza app, which has other specials available. - Deb Wills
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If you are an oyster lover as I am, be sure to stop by The Boathouse at Disney Springs. In addition to their great daily lineup of fresh oysters, they now have a proprietary oyster grown and harvested exclusively for the Boathouse. The Lucky Dux oysters are AMAZING! If you like a crisp brine, with a clean finish and buttery texture these are for you! - Linda E.
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In a recent newsletter a reader asked where to find Disney apparel in larger sizes. I have had REALLY good luck at the gift shop in the Beach Club Resort. It's worth a special trip or visit the shop while having a great meal at Cape May Cafe. - Debbie Wilk
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When ordering from the new Satu'li Canteen in Pandora using the Mobile Order function in the My Disney Experience app, you can customize your Satu'li Bowl quite a bit. In addition to choosing your protein, base and sauce, you also have the following options: no base at all, no sauce or sauce on the side, no boba balls, no vegetable slaw, and beef well done (rather than medium). - John
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