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I'm planning a trip to Disney's Aulani, and I just learned that they now have the Daily 'Iwa, Aulani's daily activity schedule (sort of like the Disney Cruise Line's Navigator) online. This is a great way to try to plan your stay with all of the activities that are offered around the resort. The Daily 'Iwa shows events for the next 10 days, so check it just before your trip! You can find it HERE. - Debbie
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Just recently stayed at the All-Star Movies Resort in a refurbished room. They have a hard surface flooring now instead of carpet. You might want to bring slippers as the floor gets cold! - Alan G
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Since dresser drawers are few in the rooms, bring along one of those hanging closet organizers for each child with at least seven slots. You can place your child's shorts, t-shirts, socks, underwear, etc. in the cubes thus saving on drawer space. - Barbara D.
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I just returned from a terrific stay at the Grand Floridian and wanted to share a unique experience if you're looking for something extra-special. My husband surprised me with an Intimate Dining Experience. It's a two-hour dining experience for up to four people, even if staying off-property, with a choice of locations throughout the resort, personalized menus and a butler. Ours was on a balcony of the Grand Floridian with a view of the lagoon and fireworks. It was arranged directly through the front desk at the Grand Floridian. - Denise D.
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Recently stayed at Disney's Old Key West Resort. If you ever end up being the "lucky one" to draw the pull-out couch, remember that you can always call Housekeeping to request an egg-crate mattress cover. Wow! What a difference! - Dan Murphy
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I have an advantage to share concerning staying onsite as opposed to offsite. Guests are able to use Chase Visa Disney Reward points to pay toward their resort stay. - Mickie Gibbs
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Here's a tip if you're staying in a Disney resort hotel. If you decide to take a nap or a shower, and some members of your group are still out and about but may return while you're unavailable, do NOT lock the deadbolt on your room door. The Magic Bands will not open the door if the deadbolt is engaged and your family or friends will be left standing in the hall until you hear them pounding on the door to get in! Ask me how I know! - Deb
With the MagicBands, you don't get a "key folio" anymore. I found that it was sometimes confusing to remember the room number -- especially for kids, or older folks. So, now I take a picture of the room number outside the room as soon as we get there. I repeat the process for everyone in our family who has a phone. This way, if you forget what room you were in, just look in the phone. - Carol Berube
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In a recent newsletter a reader asked where to find Disney apparel in larger sizes. I have had REALLY good luck at the gift shop in the Beach Club Resort. It's worth a special trip or visit the shop while having a great meal at Cape May Cafe. - Debbie Wilk
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On our last trip to Walt Disney World my family and I stayed at Bay Lake Tower. We noticed a little after 8:30 p.m. the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage comes down to the boat dock at the Contemporary. You can see Captain Hook and Smee lead their crew to the boats. We also went by the Community Hall at Bay Lake Tower on the way back to our room around 8:45 p.m. and noticed Peter Pan was sitting on the couch watching a movie with the kids. He would also take pictures with anybody that wanted one. I am not sure how often he is there, but it's worth a peek in to see if he is there. It is a good way to see Peter Pan with little to no wait. - Sara Bousum
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We recently stayed at Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside and were shocked that we had to wait 90 minutes for a bus to Magic Kingdom! We found out later that just the MK buses stop at the South bus depot first instead of the usual bus route around the POR resort where the South depot is last (usual is West, North, East, then South), so the buses were filling up before getting to our depot. To remedy this issue, we walked to the South depot to catch a MK bus the next morning, and we didn't have to wait for a bus at all -- we boarded a waiting bus immediately! As we guessed, the MK bus filled to capacity at the South depot, so it bypassed the West, North, and East depots altogether and went straight to MK. Just wanted to share this info for guests staying at POR so they can avoid the headaches we encountered. (As a side note, we went to City Hall in MK since arriving so late made us miss one of our FP+ reservations, and they made it available for us to use at anytime that day.) - Alex and Kim
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Some may not know that there's a Disney grocery delivery service for the Fort Wilderness cabins. If you're a cabin guest, you can pre-order a pantry full of fresh groceries days and even months before you arrive and they'll be ready to enjoy the moment you arrive! Choose from the pre-selected list of popular grocery items and submit your order, along with your cabin reservation details, in one of three ways: by email, fax, or US mail. Your cabin will be stocked with your selections after 5 p.m. on the day you check in. You can find the details HERE. - Erin Blackwell
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Remember to ask for fragrance-free products in your hotel room if you are sensitive or have allergies. I don't know whether it was because I specified no fragranced cleaning products in our DVC villa or if Disney has switched across the board, but we had two boxes of "free and clear" laundry detergent available for our washer at Saratoga Springs during our New Year's trip. It was a very welcome touch. - Cheryl Howe
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My family and I just returned from a fantastic trip, staying at Beach Club for the first time and loved it! Wanted to share this tip: If you want a patio or full balcony, be sure request it when booking and through the online check-in system. Many second-floor balconies are standing room only. We were fortunate enough to have a full balcony and Epcot right outside our door. - Colleen Ziemkiewicz
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When I called to book Lilo's Playhouse (the children's activity center at the Polynesian Village Resort), I was originally told that it was completely sold out already for the period of July 14-18. However, I tried calling Lilo's myself directly. I was told that since they changed their system some cast members do not yet know that they must select a reservation time of 4:30 p.m. to midnight for the system to show availability for the date, otherwise it will show as fully booked. I thought this would be helpful for people looking to use this service when they stay at the Polynesian. We are now booked after calling back a second time. - Mark
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