Too Many People Aren’t Using This Awesome Disney World App Feature, So We HAVE to Talk About It

Despite what some people may think, the My Disney Experience App can do a LOT more than help you look up wait times, make dining reservations, and grab Genie+ Lightning Lanes.


There are actually TONS of features that this app has, but many of them just aren’t in plain sight so they’re easy to miss. We’ve seen TOO many people spend precious time in the parks attempting to find this information when it’s really just at your fingertips — don’t miss these helpful tools in the My Disney Experience App!

Allergy-Friendly Menu Sections

If you’re someone who is traveling to the Disney World parks with an allergy, you may be nervous about finding what you can eat. If you’re dining at a table service restaurant, you can just ask your server about allergy-friendly options, but what if then there’s nothing there that you like? And at quick-service locations, will you have to track down a Cast Member who will (hopefully) know the answer?

Pecos Bill

If you look up the restaurant you’re looking to dine at on the My Disney Experience App and check the menu, you can scroll down to see the Allergy-Friendly sections! These menus have sections for:

  • Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Egg Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Milk Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Sesame Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Soy Allergy-Friendly meals
  • Plant-based options

If you have another allergy that’s not listed, you can always chat with Cast Members at the restaurant to see how you can be accommodated, but this has helped many members of our team quickly find what options will be safe for them!

Car Locator

Ever gotten back to the parking lot and realized you have NO idea where your car is parked? Or you realize the photo you took of your row and character accidentally got deleted in the excitement of the day, or is too blurry? That’s where the Car Locator comes in!


When you park your car in Disney World, just pull up the Car Locator on the app (you can just search for it and it’ll pop up). It’ll automatically save your location if you allow the app to do so, or you can put in your location manually. 


This will save you LOADS of time when you’re heading back to your car, AND your already-tired legs will thank you when you don’t have to walk back and forth along many rows of cars just hoping to find yours.

Genie Predicted Waits

Don’t want to pay for Genie+ but still want to take advantage of a useful feature? The free version of Genie allows you to look up any attraction in the parks and see its forecasted wait time!


Now, this isn’t always accurate, but it will give you an idea of what times are popular for certain attractions, when to avoid, and when may be the best time to go. 


It can certainly be used as a planning tool to help you decide what part of the park you may want to be in at certain times. Just be sure to compare it with what the current wait times are and use your personal judgement along with the tool!

Limiting The Maps

Ever been looking at the maps on the app and been feeling overwhelmed if you’re trying to find a certain restaurant, character, or just a bathroom? There’s a way to limit the map to only show you what you’d like to see!


Up at the very top of the map, which automatically defaults to show you Wait Times, you can hit the drop down menu and decide to see:

  • Attractions
  • Characters
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Restrooms
  • Events and Tours
  • PhotoPass
  • Guest Services
  • Shops
  • Resort Hotels
  • Transportation
Awww, Minnie!

This is massively helpful when you’re hopelessly lost — just toggle which one you need to see, click the one closest to you, and you can even have the app give you a walking path where you need to go!

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