A New Neon Amazon Stanley Water Bottle Collection Just Launched!

We’re sure you’re aware that if there’s one thing we stress about the most it’s (say it with us now) HYDRATION!

Oh, Captain Jack!

Yup, it’s super important to stay hydrated while you’re in the parks so you don’t feel the guaranteed exhaustion that comes with enduring the Floridian summer heat. But we know that sometimes drinking water can feel like a chore. However, drinking water can be a lot easier to remember if you have a fun bottle to sip from, and this water bottle is such a fave that it’s always trending!

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It’s no secret how popular Stanley cups are, and honestly, we completely understand. With so many colors to choose from, Stanley cups are not only convenient but also stylish. And we came across a new collection exclusive to Amazon!

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This pink Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler is so vibrant and perfect for the summer!


Available exclusively on Amazon is this Vivid Violet color, which is totally cute and trendy. This tumbler quenches your thirst in style and guarantees that your drink stays cool (or hot) thanks to its vacuum insulation.

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The Stanley Quencher is also available in Tropical Teal for some neon fun.


This shade gives us MAJOR Typhoon Lagoon vibes! We can just imagine how aesthetically pleasing it will be to carry this around the Disney waterpark. Not only that, but the straw featured in the cup is ideal for casual sipping while lounging in a beach chair.

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This Stanely cup collection also includes the shade Bright Lime which we absolutely LOVE!


The electrifying lime color is so eye-catching and fun, and we highly doubt anyone could forget to stay hydrated when carrying this tumbler. Stylish? Check! Perfect for constant hydration? Double check!

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And of course, we can’t forget to mention these awesome accessories to go with your Stanley cup such as this Carrier Bag to take it along with you!

We take our Stanley to Disney World!

Not only does it perfectly hold your Stanley cup, but it also has a spacious storage pocket for all your essentials like your phone, keys, cards, etc. It also makes carrying your essentials around more comfortable with its adjustable shoulder pad.

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Step up your snack game completely with this Nuovoware Snack Bowl!

We are OBSESSED with this snack bowl that you can easily attach to your Stanley cup. We love anything that gives us ultimate convenience, and thanks to this accessory we can munch and sip all in one go! No mess and no need to juggle several items at once.

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And last but not least, these Character Straw Toppers will Disney-fy your Stanely Cup!

So cute and fun, these straw toppers reassemble Mickey and Minnie and feature different themes, colors, and patterns. It’s just the thing to add a little bit of Disney Magic to every sip.

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And there you have it! The brand-new Stanley Cup collection that’s available exclusively on Amazon along with some awesome must-have accessories we personally love. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest in Disney tips and news.


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