EPCOT’s NEW Fireworks Show Is HERE, and People Are DIVIDED!

Last night, December 5th, was the big debut of Luminous the Symphony of Us!

Luminous the Symphony of Us

Luminous is the new fireworks show in EPCOT that is meant to be part of the Disney100 celebration. There are fountains, lights, lasers, and fireworks all incorporated with new and classic Disney music. It was a beautiful display. But what were the reactions of viewers after it was over? Let’s find out.

We got a little behind-the-scenes video from Disney before seeing the show. During that video, Disney said that, while there are barges for this show just like the previous Harmonious, they do not stay on the lake permanently. They also said, that unlike Harmonious, you would be able to see the same show regardless of where you are around World Showcase Lagoon.

Was that the case?

Luminous fireworks

We noticed that everyone LOVED the music. The music is probably the most defining feature of this show. It is the main event with the other effects there to enhance it. And this was a favorite. The music was SO good.

Luminous has amazing music!

As for the barges, they were there to provide a stage for the fireworks, lasers, and lights. We did not see any visual effects such as video displays on them at all (which probably helped keep the show the same all around the lake).

But that almost made you feel like something was missing. And at the end, there was a bit of a lackluster feel going around the crowd. People were missing the visual storytelling element (even though that was the biggest complaint of the barges with Harmonious).

Luminous barges

After now seeing all three previous shows, Illuminations, Harmonious, and Happily Ever After, we would say there is a good mixture of each in this new one. It has the aesthetic of Illuminations, the music of Harmonious, and the light show of Happily Ever After.


And was it the same all around the lake? We’re not too sure it was EXACTLY the same everywhere. There were certain effects we had to move a little to see completely– like the heart-shaped fireworks. But it was pretty close and wouldn’t complain about it.


Overall, everyone seemed thrilled by it. The biggest issue was the lack of visual storytelling with projections. But in general, it is a very cool show and the music is wonderful. You’ll have to catch it to decide for yourself! It shows nightly at 9:30PM in EPCOT.

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VIDEOS: Watch the NEW Fireworks Show in EPCOT With Us!

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