15 Things the AE Team Says You MUST Bring to Disney World

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Disney World is super fun — so fun that we made it our job to go every day! But there are lots of things to take into consideration — walking, weather, and more!

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

We’re sharing what the AE Team packs for a trip to Disney World, with input from YOU, our readers, too!

Quincy swears by Chacos for comfort and support walking around Disney World — just beware of the crazy tan lines they’ll make on your feet!


Click here to shop Chacos sandals on Amazon!

Sage swears by Adidas sneakers for park days!


Click here to order these Adidas men’s sneakers!

Buy these Moleskine sheets and pack them for your trip. Trust us! You can cut them to any size, and they will be invaluable in preventing blisters.


Click here to order these Moleskine Padding sheets!

It’s important to keep your phone charged in Disney World — you need it to Moile Order food and merch, and to use Disney Genie+! The AE Team loves these Miady Power Banks that come in a pack of 2.


Click here to order this portable power bank!

And Sage recommends this 3-in-1 charging station for back at your hotel room. It will charge your smartwatch, earbuds, and phone all at the same time, and you don’t have to bring separate cords for each device.


Click here to order the 3-in-1 charger!

We suggest bringing some reusable food storage bags to the parks — they will come in handy for snacks, leftovers, and more!


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You definitely need to stay hydrated at Disney World, and we tend to carry a refillable, reusable water bottle. We especially like a collapsible one like this!


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If you’re bringing several devices with you, you may want to pack a power strip. We like this travel power strip with a wraparound cord because it’s compact and easy to pack.


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You’re going to want autographs at Disney World, and for that, you need an autograph book, and a frequently forgotten item … a pen. You’ll save by ordering this set in advance and packing it for your vacation vs. buying those items in Disney World.


Click here to order the Mickey Mouse autograph set!

We always our waterproof phone pouches — they are a little investment that can protect an expensive necessity. And you never know when it will rain in Disney World!


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We all know it gets HOT in Disney World, but there are some things that can make you more comfortable. Check out these rechargeable neck fans!


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If you’re looking for a more low-tech way to stay cool, we love these cooling towels. They make a surprising difference on hot days!


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Speaking of comfort, chafing can be an issue when you’re walking around all day. We recommend packing some Body Glide to keep this painful problem at bay.


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Disney World is a land of paper straws, and if you don’t like them, you may want to BYOS — bring your own straw — with you! These portable straws collapse into their own container, and they’ll fit easily in your park bag.


Click here to order a portable, reusable straw!

Hannah recommends also bring lightweight rain ponchos, so you’re ready for a rainstorm.


Click here to order a set of rain ponchos!

That’s our list of must-haves for packing for Disney World! Stay tuned to All Ears for the best Disney World planning tips and advice.

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What do you ALWAYS pack for Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. The body glide and also foot glide roll on’s really help. I also recommend ponchos and several pairs of comfy shoes.