This Disney World Problem Even Caught US Off Guard

There are lots of problems you could potentially run into at Disney.

Monorail in EPCOT

Some issues involve travel, Disney transportation breaking down, or a myriad of other things. But knowing these could happen ahead of time can help you plan how to solve them. Even though contactless and card payments seem to be everywhere in Disney, there’s a big reason why you should always carry some cash with you.

While one of our reporters was walking around Magic Kingdom, the park’s credit card system went down!

Systems were down!

Many stores in Magic Kingdom went to cash only, and when our reporter tried mobile pay for merchandise, that system was down also.

Starbucks was one of the stores only accepting cash

Our reporter was able to order water via mobile order just fine, but buying merchandise was out of commission. The problem as a whole lasted no more than half an hour, and then the systems were back up!

EPCOT was unaffected by the issue

However, this may have only been a Magic Kingdom issue, because one of our other reporters was over in EPCOT during this time, and was told credit cards were being accepted as usual. These situations are rare but do happen, so carrying cash during your Disney days is always a good idea.

Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree

We will admit that there are some Disney problems that can’t really be solved, and sometimes you’re going to have days where it feels like everything just goes wrong, but we do try to alert you to situations like this so that you will be prepared on your next trip. As always, stay tuned to AllEars to stay updated on everything Disney!

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What’s the biggest problem you’ve faced in Disney? Tell us below!

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2 Replies to “This Disney World Problem Even Caught US Off Guard”

  1. This is a very solvable issue. They have to set up payment system processing closer to the parks. Vs flinging all around the US to process cards with their financial services vendor. Disney has their backend computing systems all over the place with Amazon and nothing designed for more local access. Most of the time it works ok. But it fails more often than it should from poor infrastructure design. Until they do something about that ,they will always have congestion problems of various sorts.