VIDEO: The Latest Construction CHANGES at the TRON Ride in Disney World

TRON has been under construction for YEARS in Magic Kingdom at Disney World, but on the bright side, every day we get one day closer to the ride opening!

Ride testing!

The roller coaster in Tomorrowland will be opening sometime in the spring of 2023. We’ve been keeping a close eye on construction for a while now, and there has been a LOT of progress made! So, let’s look at the most recent work that’s been done on the ride.

In case you missed it, there are officially real railings now on the ramp that leads up to the ride.


We’ve also seen the new train tracks for The Walt Disney World Railroad behind the area!

Walt Disney World Railroad

The concrete entrance area is filling out, with more and more sections being filled in.

Entrance area

Here’s them prepping to pour more concrete!

More coming soon!

The sections of concrete are also now all connected by concrete — before, there were separations between them. It’s like giant grout!

Landscaping is getting done, too!

The entrance is really starting to take shape.

TRON Construction

Recently, we also noticed these curvy metal poles in the entrance area.

Can you see them?

We’re guessing that these will be lamp posts, but we’ll have to wait and see!

What do you think they are?

They sure do fit the aesthetic of the area, though.

We’ll give you another update when we see more progress!

Here’s a better look:

Stick around for more looks at the ride as it continues to be under construction.

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