NEWS: A NEW Store Will Replace Mouse Gear in EPCOT

Disney is currently in the middle of a huge transformation of EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

Spaceship Earth

Disney announced the big project, called EPCOT Transformation, in 2019 and has been working to bring new rides, shops, and experiences to the park. So far Disney has unveiled an update to the entrance area and they are hard at work on the new ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and now we’re getting a look at the next additions to come this summer!

Disney announced that a brand new shop will be coming to EPCOT this summer called Creations Shop. This new store will be the “flagship merchandise location” for the park, replacing Mouse Gear, and will feature merchandise that embodies the “bond, sleek design” of EPCOT.


The store will welcome guests into a bright new environment that is meant to make you feel “like you’re in touch with nature” thanks to large glass walls that connect you to the outdoors even when you’re inside.

The eye-catching feature will be an oversized mural of Mickey Mouse and other designs and murals that pay tribute to the iconic Disney character. All of the artwork will be part of an art program that Disney is beginning exclusively for the store so the work will be entirely original!

Hi, Mickey!

And, next door, Club Cool Hosted by Coca-Cola will be back with a new look! Both stores will mark the beginnings of the new “neighborhood” — World Celebration — that will be located at the entrance and center of the park. We will continue to keep an eye out for the date that this new store will open in EPCOT so stay tuned for the latest!

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5 Replies to “NEWS: A NEW Store Will Replace Mouse Gear in EPCOT”

  1. I was disappointed in the new store. It seems to have a lot less merchandise than the older Mouse Gears store and harder to find things. It also feels crowded and harder to get around because of the way the store is laid out. I ended up leaving and not purchasing anything. Yes, it looks nice and is updated but I miss Mouse Gears.

  2. I love Club cool and the new shop store concept art of the Creation shop and the name needs to change to Classic Epcot Store. I love to see back Club Cool and I can’t wait for next year!

  3. Maybe the new store will be better than mouse gear. It sounds like a better cooler more updated version of mouse gear to me just with A different name.

  4. Mousegear was always the store we enjoyed going in to buy our trip remembrance shirts and other items. if we ever go again we will greatly miss it. Another tradition gone…