PHOTOS & VIDEOS: These Were NOT the Crowds We Were Expecting to See in Disney World Today!

Just two days ago, we saw some larger crowds throughout the Disney World theme parks.

Thanksgiving week crowds in Fantasyland

That makes sense considering Disney recently indicated that Thanksgiving week at Disney World was booked at nearly 100% capacity (of the parks’ now 35% capacity limit). But, as our reporters walked around Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios today we found something a bit unexpected.

For reference, here’s a shot of some of the crowds we saw in Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom just two days ago.

Crowds in Tomorrowland

And here’s a look a look at the crowds today — notice a difference?




While there were still some long lines — especially due to the need to socially distance within queues…

…we found that many other areas in the park had lower crowds!

Tomorrowland Crowds

Just look at all that space near Cinderella Castle!

Magic Kingdom Thanksgiving Week Crowds

Nothing like grabbing an awesome photo with the Castle and practically no one else in your shot!

There were, of course, areas with more guests in them…

Magic Kingdom Thanksgiving Crowds

…particularly near really popular rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean

Thanksgiving Day Crowds

…but generally there was quite a bit of space to walk around and distance from others.

Magic Kingdom Thanksgiving Week Crowds

Even some tight spaces, like the walkway between Peter Pan’s Flight and it’s a small world, were not too bad.

Thanksgiving Week Crowds in Magic Kingdom

Are we living in a fantasy? (Nope, we’re just in Fantasyland!)

Now, that’s not to say there weren’t people in the parks, we just found that many of them were contained, so to speak, in the lines for the attractions they were waiting for.

We did see some crowds over by Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, but that is something that really isn’t unusual around lunchtime.

Magic Kingdom Thanksgiving Week Crowds

Where did all those Thanksgiving crowds go? Are they all cooking their turkeys today?

It wasn’t even too bad on Main Street in Magic Kingdom after a cavalcade.

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we found that the crowd situation was pretty similar.

Hollywood Studios Crowds

While there were more guests in certain areas, particularly areas where people needed to queue up for an attraction or something similar…

Hollywood Studios Crowds

…other areas had LOTS of space.

Hollywood Studios Thanksgiving Crowds

Again, the most crowded areas seemed to be the ones where guests were lining up for popular attractions.

Hollywood Studios Lines

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t looking too terribly crowded…

Galaxy’s Edge Crowds

…even in tighter spaces like the shopping area.

Galaxy’s Edge Crowds

As we made our way around EPCOT, we saw that crowds were also pretty low throughout much World Showcase. Here’s a peek at the France pavilion…

Thanksgiving Week Crowds

…the United Kingdom pavilion…

Thanksgiving Week Crowds

…and just a look at the walkway around World Showcase. In all of these pictures, you can see the crowds are pretty minimal!

Thanksgiving Week Crowds at EPCOT

We did see some more guests near Mexico, Norway, and China, but overall the crowd level was much lower than what we expected for Thanksgiving week! Is everyone at home resting up for the holiday festivities (a.k.a. delicious holiday food) tomorrow? We’re not sure but we’ll definitely keep an eye on the crowd levels all throughout Disney World in the upcoming weeks as the December holidays approach. Stay tuned for more updates about everything going on at Walt Disney World!

Will you be heading to Disney World for Thanksgiving tomorrow or during Thanksgiving week? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “PHOTOS & VIDEOS: These Were NOT the Crowds We Were Expecting to See in Disney World Today!”

  1. We’ve been here the lady 3 days and felt it was moderately crowded. Waits for popular rides were long 45-90 minutes). We even struggled to find an open space to stop to tie a shoe without blocking traffic. Hoping everyone will stay home tomorrow so we can have some breathing room!

  2. I’ve been here for the past 4 days and was amazed by the crowds. Not sure when you took your pictures but the crowds that saw this week were much more dense. We were also in the park in July. Much less crowded. If Disney is only increasing form 25 to 35%, someone needs to check their numbers. This week was much busier and more crowded than I expected. It reminded me of thanksgiving 2 years ago at almost 100% capacity.