6 Patriotic Things to Do at Disney World on the Fourth of July

The 4th of July is quickly approaching — just  month away! For those of you who will be spending that day at Walt Disney World, we thought you could use a little help with planning the most fun Independence Day ever!

Fourth of July

Here’s our list of six of the most patriotic things you can do at Walt Disney World:

Eat a Funnel Cake at the America Pavilion

Head on over to Epcot to grab yourself a delicious funnel cake! The funnel cake kiosk, which sits on the promenade just beyond the pavilion, has quite a few options. There are funnel cakes topped with sugar, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sauce! You can even get a cookies ‘n’ cream funnel cake… YUM!  The prices for the funnel cakes range from $8 to $12.

Devour a classic American treat while hanging out at the American Adventure Pavilion! And make sure you snap a sugary photo while you’re at it!

Funnel Cake

Watch the American Adventure Show

And after stuffing your face with a funnel cake, head inside and check out the American Adventure show! This is a 30-minute audio-animatronic stage show that highlights notable events and people in American history, hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.

This show will give you and your family the perfect history lesson on the 4th of July and will be a fun reminder of why we celebrate the holiday in the first place!

American Adventure

Watch the Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History

If you find yourself at Magic Kingdom on the 4th of July, make sure you check out the live Muppets show that’s staged above the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square. This 10-minute show is presented a few times throughout the day and is filled with history, puppetry, and the Muppets brand of silly humor.

James Jefferson, the town crier, and the Muppets present their take on the Founding Fathers and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Sometimes, you may catch the show that discusses the midnight ride of Paul Revere! This is really a cute and lighthearted show for the whole family!

Muppets Great Moments In American History

Visit the Hall of Presidents

On street level, below The Muppets Great Moments in American History show, is the Hall of Presidents. This show was conceived by Walt Disney himself and is a classic Disney World attraction. The show begins with a short film on American history. Once this ends the screen lifts to reveal audio-animatronics figures of each US president.

The show shines a spotlight on each president as he moves or nods in acknowledgment. The highlight is Abraham Lincoln, who actually rises from his chair to give the Gettysburg Address. This moment gives me goosebumps every time and I believe it’s worth watching the show just to see it… even if you aren’t a history buff! And what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to hang out with our US presidents?

Hall of Presidents

Watch the Flag Retreat Ceremony at Magic Kingdom

The Flag Retreat ceremony takes place every day at the Town Square flagpole in the front of Magic Kingdom.  Each day, the flag is lowered by security guards and often times presented to the Veteran of the Day. They then parade to the Railroad Station through a path lined with Cast Members while viewing guests cheer! The ceremony typically starts at 5 p.m., so try to get over there by 4:45 p.m. if you plan on watching the ceremony!

Flag Ceremony

Watch Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky

Watch as the firework spectacular soars above Magic Kingdom while rocking your red, white, and blue. Jam out to patriotic music and watch the sky gleam and glow! There’s nothing that screams Independence Day more than this, right? The show is usually presented on July 3 and 4 at 9:15 p.m. though details for this year have not been released yet!

4th of July Fireworks

What’s your favorite thing to do at Disney World for the 4th of July? Let us know in the comments below! 

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7 Replies to “6 Patriotic Things to Do at Disney World on the Fourth of July”

  1. My family and I participated in flag retreat. What I GREAT experience for all of us. I sent the itinerary (with photos) to ALLEARS after we did it. You can check it out by searching “flag retreat” “Uncle Bob” on the ALLEARS web site. I want to thank Disney for their acknowledgement of Veterans and their families and you for posting this. It happens everyday so please watch.

  2. My oldest Great-granddaughter was born on 07/04/98 & my daughter (her granddaughter) took her to WDW, every year from the time she was 17 months old. On about her 4th time going, while watching the fireworks, she asked us, “is it my birthday?”.

  3. Remember D-Day. And god bless America. The greatest country on Gods green earth. No country has done more good for more people throughout the world than the good ol’ US of A.

  4. Just being there on the 4th of July will be like storming Omaha Beach and the Bataan Death March combined. War, and WDW on 4th of July, is hell.

    1. Agreed, you would need to be at the park at 7:00 a.m. to even have a chance. I would rather sleep late, hang out in the AC, go to the pool and then drink beer while cooking lots of meat.

  5. You forgot my favorite, the other Muppet presence in the World. The finale of Muppetvision 3D hosted by Sam The American Eagle – “Its called ‘A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly America.'” It’s a glorious three hour finale…done in a minute and a half.