Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island Closed for Refurbishment

While parts of Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World have been closed for construction on and off for the past few months, the whole island is now totally closed off to visitors. Just how long is the refurbishment is expected to last? We have the details.

Tom Sawyer Island

Small ferry boats usually run from the dock in Frontierland to the dock on Tom Sawyer Island; however, boats are not currently running at all.

Tom Sawyer Island

Don’t worry — this closure is just temporary. Tom Sawyer Island is expected to reopen around December 21, 2018 — just in time for peak holiday season visitors!

Tom Sawyer Island

Interestingly, the AllEars.Net Team spotted a few gator traps around Tom Sawyer Island in the park this week.

Tom Sawyer Island

Our best guess is that these traps are intended to re-home any alligators that might be lounging around near Tom Sawyer Island while the construction is happening. No need to worry about gators while visiting Magic Kingdom, though: if you stay out of their habitat and leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

Tom Sawyer Island

Tell us: Is Tom Sawyer Island a must-visit area for you, or is it a part of the park you usually skip?

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6 Replies to “Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island Closed for Refurbishment”

  1. My kids love TSI, it’s a great place for them to explore while hubby and I sit and watch the 3:00 parade. It’s a must do for us

  2. It’s a wonderful place but with the absence of Aunt Polly’s for so many years now, it is missing a unique part of the story. I would visit TSI with my daughters years ago and their favorite part was the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Of course nowadays with the allergies that wouldn’t fly but I am sure Disney could be creative and include another choice or two!!

  3. A must do for every WDW and Disneyland vacation. Even though we are in our 60’s the memories we both have of TSI are so wonderful

  4. We love Tom Sawyer Island. It is such a great place to take a break from the crowds and relax or explore. I am a little bummed it will be closed for our November visit, but hoping they will have some fun surprises for our next visit.

  5. In over twenty years of going to Walt Disney World we have only been to Tom Sawyer’s Island twice. It just requires so much walking and there isn’t much there. We visited Disneyland and loved their version, which has a pirate theme. They updated the caves and put in some very cool surprises, and in other areas there are skeleton bones to find and a replica of the ball made of bones from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great! If they put in some special effects in the caves and updated things a little, we might go check it out on our next trip. I much prefer the pirate theme though!

  6. We always visit tom sawyer island on every trip and explore the fort. We done this since my son was 3 and enjoyed the island this past june. We always take a picture in the gun towers and explore the mine and escape tunnel. I could always get a laugh out of him by hitting my hand against the ceiling and pretending it was my head. This last trip he was doing that to entertain other guests. Definitely a must do as this is a great place to get away from the crowds and relax for a time. We do Aunt Polly’s when it was a counter service restaurant man many years ago