7 Magic Kingdom Rides I’ll Never Ride Again

Don’t get it twisted — we LOVE Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and would spend every day there if we could. But that’s not to say the park is perfect.

Magic Kingdom

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure just opened to the public and demand has been incredible, but that got us thinking about the Magic Kingdom rides that aren’t so in demand. After all, not all Magic Kingdom rides can be considered equal. When it comes to rides, enjoyment is purely subjective — so when considering which rides

We asked YOU, our AllEars readers, “Which Magic Kingdom ride would you NEVER ride again?” and the results were expected, somewhat surprising, and pretty funny!

Which Magic Kingdom ride would you NEVER ride again?

Posted by AllEars.Net on Wednesday, July 3, 2024

We got tons of similar answers, so it’s only right we start with an overwhelming favorite — or least favorite in this case. We can only be referring to the notorious spine-rearranger…

Space Mountain

Space Mountain has strong reviews from our readers, holding an 8.66 out of 10 and is recommended by 88%. But that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.

Space Mountain

The ride is essentially a roller coaster in the dark and opened in 1975. However, it is based on the tubular steel Matterhorn Bobsleds over at Disneyland, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn has always had issues with its ride vehicles being unfriendly to passengers who aren’t super agile, and the tubular steel track is a backbreaker with tight turns and an overall bumpy experience. Unfortunately, Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain is nearly identical in its miserable experience, according to readers.

Space Mountain

Reader Dave pretty much said what we’re all thinking, writing, “love it but my back and knees don’t.”

Reader Camie had a much worse experience, writing, ” I actually came off that ride in tears because it jarred my back so much. I actually had to have help to get out of it.”

Space Mountain

That’s also the thing — Space Mountain’s ride vehicles can be difficult to get in and out of, and that’s after the actual ride has beaten you up.

Reader Kim wrote, “Love it but I’m getting to [the] point where it is too rough of a ride.” We definitely agree that the older we get, the harder it is to tolerate Space Mountain.

As reader Cheryl wrote, “It’s not kind to the old or infirm.”

Space Mountain

Disneyland’s Space Mountain underwent a lengthy refurbishment in the early 2000s that replaced the track to make it a smoother experience. The results have been night and day and we wonder if Magic Kingdom’s ride ever plans on following suit. It may be time.

Astro Orbiter

Staying in Tomorrowland, Astro Orbiter was another popular pick as a skippable ride by our readers.

Astro Orbiter

Unlike Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter DOES NOT have kind reviews on our website, holding a 5.63 out of 10 rating and only getting recommended by 63%.

So what does this ride do to offend so many? It loads you on a small spacecraft that takes you on an aerial adventure in Tomorrowland’s skies. Nothing more, nothing less.

Astro Orbiter in Magic Kingdom

Astro Orbiter is certainly tailored towards kids, and adults may not get much out of it. It’s also not the most adult-friendly. As reader Mariana wrote, “Getting in and out of that rocket is a little difficult..especially if there are two people.” The tight-fighting ride vehicle could wind up making your ride experience miserable.

©Disney | Best to avoid this one altogether.

Other readers wrote about the ride giving them motion sickness. Reader Sarah wrote, “Too high too fast. Pretty at night though if I wasn’t fearful for my life.”

Unfortunately for Reader Rick, he wrote, “My wife got sick… On me!!” Unlucky and enough of a reason to stay away.

Astro Orbiter

Easy Up and Down Ride, like Dumbo.

Mad Tea Party

The tea cups are supposed to be a fun kiddie ride, but Magic Kingdom’s Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland was consistently brought up in our poll.

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party has a 7.40 out of 10 rating and is recommended by 85%, but this spinning cup ride apparently has its fair share of opposition.

Mad Tea Party

Once again, we saw complaints of nausea. Reader Heather wrote, “My husband and son made sure that my first time was my last 🤢😵‍💫” and others chimed in that the ride also makes them feel sick and dizzy.

Reader Linda added, “Sickest I’ve ever been on a ride. Of course, it didn’t help that the kids kept spinning them.”

Mad Tea Party

As Linda pointed out, you can control how fast your tea cup spins, but you’ll always be susceptible to some dizziness.

As reader Johnny wrote, “it messes with my head.”

“it’s a small world”

One of Magic Kingdom’s most beloved attractions is also one of its most hated.

it’s a small world

The ride in question is “it’s a small world” and it has some pretty solid scores with a 7.26 out of 10 and is recommended by 80%. Still, we can see how the nearly 15 minutes of one song and complete lack of thrills would be enough to put people off.

Guests begin their trip through “it’s a small world” in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. [AllEars.Net]
Reader Ashlee wrote that “it’s a small world” is “the most boring ride ever!” and reader Jennifer added, “My daughter would tell you ‘small world’. She considers the one in Anaheim to be far superior.”

“it’s a small world”

Sure it can be a bit boring and it’s not the most spacious attraction either, but “it’s a small world” isn’t the worst place to take a quick nap!

it's a small world

A Walt Original from the 1964 NY World's Fair.

Tomorrowland Speedway

This next choice shouldn’t surprise anyone — it’s clear Tomorrowland Speedway has a likability issue.

Tomorrowland Speedway

This opening-day miniature motorway attraction has a 5.32 rating out of 10 and is recommended by only 49%. Not as scenic as its Anaheim counterpart, Tomorrowland Speedway is really cool if you’re a kid (you get to drive while underage!) but can be mundane and a waste of time if you already drive in your daily life.

Tomorrowland Speedway

Reader Tracy wrote that the cars go way too slow and reader Marcia added that it’s too hard to get in and out of the cars. “It’s for kids,” wrote reader Barbara.

Reader Christopher doesn’t understand why this ride is in Tomorrowland and wrote, “What this uncomfortable, stinky and unpleasant ride has to do with the future I will never know.” 

To put it bluntly, reader Neal wrote it’s “the biggest waste of space in all of Walt Disney World.”

Tomorrowland Speedway

Others have issues with the fumes or just don’t like driving. “I am a TERRIBLE driver,” wrote reader Taylor. Maybe you should give Tomorrowland Speedway another shot, Taylor, if only to work on those driving skills!

Splash Mountain and ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

Ya’ll are too funny. We asked which Magic Kingdom rides you’ll never ride again and you did not disappoint — consistently bringing up two attractions permanently out of commission.

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain officially closed for good in 2023 and has given way to the recently opened Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Guests in shoulder restraints “enjoy” a showing of the ExtraTERRORestrial showing in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. [The Walt Disney Company]
ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was a surprisingly terrifying show that even scared adults. It closed in 2003 to make way for the less-scary Stitch’s Great Escape, which shut its doors for good in 2018.


As for ExtraTERRORestrial, its absence seems to be praised. As reader Melanie wrote it “scarred me forever. I know it’s no longer there and I’m so happy for this.” You’re not alone Melanie…you’re not alone.

Splash Mountain

Audio-Animatronics and steep water drop

Which Magic Kingdom rides did we miss? Which ones did we get absolutely right? Let us know below and continue to follow us at AllEars for the latest Disney World news, tips, reviews, and more!

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  1. Astro Orbiter left us in a state of panic. No matter where you squeeze, two adults can’t comfortably fit in the rocket. So, while trying to squeeze ourselves into place, the Cast Members started the ride. I hadn’t fully poured myself into the seat, and we were taking off. Unfortunately, that is one ride we will never ride again. This brings me no joy to say it since it is Disney World, but it is a fact.