4 Amazon Items Under $20 That’ll Dramatically Change Your Disney World Trip

Planning a trip to Disney World is hard work.

Cinderella Castle

It takes a lot of coordinating, flight planning, reservation making, and ticket buying. It also requires a lot of packing. But don’t worry, when it comes to essentials needed for Disney World, we’ve got you covered! These 4 items from Amazon will be life changers when you are finally there and in the parks.

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Charge multiple MagicBands at once with this multicharger!

MagicBand Charger

There are never enough outlets in a hotel room no matter where you are. If your family has multiple MagicBands, phones, portable charges, etc. to charge, this multicharger makes it easy to plug them all in at the same time! This plugs into the wall, and then your USB devices plug directly into it for convenient charging.

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These cooling towels will make a BIG difference this summer!

Cooling towels!

It is HOT out there in Florida. Be sure you are drinking water, taking advantage of shade, and eating properly. But we also recommend using these cooling towels to help you stay cool! Soak them in cold water, then wrap them around your neck to help your body cool off. Trust us, your body will thank you. They come in a 4-pack and are less than $20! Sounds like a steal to us!

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Keep everything organized in your park bag with this convenient organizer!

Keeps everything organized!

There’s no denying that Loungefly backpacks make great park bags. They are the perfect size and can carry anything you might need in the park. However, the downside is that they are an abyss of darkness with no internal organization. Luckily, these organizers solve that problem! There are so many pockets so you can have a place for everything such as tissues, chargers, chapstick, sunscreen, your wallet, and more.

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These little pocket fans work wonders!


There are a variety of fans you can take with you to Disney World, but we really like how small but mighty these are! They are small enough to fit in your pocket (or Loungefly backpack) and are powerful enough to cool you down in the sweltering heat. They also have a USB charger on them so you can charge your phone in the parks!

Pick It Up Here for Less Than $15!

There are lots of things to consider packing for your next Disney World trip, but these 4 items are essential! If you’re looking for other great items to take with you, check out the link below.

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