Hidden Mickeys, Robot Butlers, and MORE Secret Details Hiding Inside EPCOT’s NEW CommuniCore Hall

On June 10th, CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, massive pieces of EPCOT’s Transformation, finally opened!

Quincy and Emma at Communicore Hall

This is a new center for all of EPCOT’s festivals, starting with the Food & Wine Festival beginning in August. In the meantime, though, you can check out the Mickey & Friends meet and greet or grab some grub from the Festival Favorites booth. Or, take in all the hidden details you can find in this new space!

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CommuniCore Hall is a new, indoor space described as the first “fully purpose-built structure in festival programming.” It’s got a large exhibition and gallery space, along with a place to host a wide variety of experiences like cooking demonstrations, fine art, and more. There’s even a demonstration kitchen and mixology bar, which Disney explained will give chefs the space to showcase the “global experiment of food.”

CommuniCore Hall

Inside, you’ll find Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy against their own personal backgrounds! A PhotoPass photographer will be available at each location to take your photo. You can catch our full tour here, but right now we’re bringing you some of our favorite hidden details we’ve found.

Hello CommuniCore Hall!

Welcome to CommuniCore Hall! Over at the Mickey & Friends meet and greet, you’ll find plenty of little details to look at. For instance, The Imagination Pavilion is hiding in the background of this meet and greet space — but that’s not all!

The Imagination Pavilion!

There’s a little Hidden Mickey made of flowers over on the right side of the Imagination Pavilion. We love the hand-painted looking details!

Hidden Mickey

Plus, Goofy pointed out to us that this palm tree sure looks a lot like his ears. Could this be a Hidden Goofy?!

Hidden Goofy!

As you move through CommuniCore Hall, you’ll notice more nods to the old EPCOT…like the Dream Mobile that Dreamfinder used to fly on in the original Journey Into Imagination ride.

Dream Mobile with no Dreamfinder

Of course, Figment is hiding nearby with what sort of looks like one of the towers from the 1964 World’s Fair — which Walt Disney was involved in the creation of!

Figment and the 1964 New York World’s Fair Tower

This spacecraft looks a lot like Bravo 229, the ship you used to board in the old Body Wars ride at EPCOT in order to be “shrunken down” to the size of a splinter.

Bravo 229, the ship you boarded in Body Wars to be shrunk down into the size of a splinter

We think this other spaceship could be a nod to the Brava Centauri Space Station you used to fly to on EPCOT’s former Horizons ride. It could also represent the ride to Centauri 220 Station from Space 220!

The space shuttle blasting off to Brava Centauri Space Station from Horizons

Speaking of Horizons, the Robot Butler is pictured here too! You can also spot an homage to this guy as you exit Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom.

The robot butler from Horizons!

Minnie wanted to show off her meet and greet area too, which also features a potential Hidden Mickey — and of course, the Land Pavilion and monorail are in the background as well!

Minnie with the Land Pavilion

We even spotted SMRT-1, a robot who used to be part of the original CommuniCore’s Computer Central area at EPCOT.

SMRT-1 is also hidden in the room where you meet characters

What’s this?! They even have the former Fountain of Nations displayed on the walls! If they had to get rid of the fountain for this renovation, at least they paid it a little nod with the final product.

The Fountain of Nations!

You can also see a dinosaur from Universe of Energy over here!

There’s even a dinosaur from Universe of Energy!

And, of course, the divers from The Living Seas pavilion have to be represented too!

Of course, the Living Seas pavilion is also represented here

There are so many little nods to the EPCOT of past years throughout the new CommuniCore Hall, so make sure you keep an eye out for them when you visit this space for the first time!

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Check Out Our FULL TOUR of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza Here

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