7 Things We Silently Cringe at in Disney World

Let’s be honest, Disney World is pretty magical!

Cinderella Castle

But even at the Most Magical Place on Earth, there can be some moments that really make us cringe on the inside, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Here are a few things we’ve all probably witnessed (or been guilty of ourselves) on a trip to Disney World:

The Main Street Stumble

We’ve all seen it, and maybe even been guilty of it ourselves. You know the situation — You’re strolling down Main Street, U.S.A. and you’re soaking up the atmosphere, when suddenly someone trips over those iconic trolley tracks (AKA The Main Street Stumble).

Don’t trip on the tracks!

Then, like clockwork, another person goes down, and maybe even a third. At this point, this is basically a Disney World rite of passage.

Slow Ride Slander

Sometimes the slower rides, like Living with the Land, get snubbed and dismissed as “boring.” (You’d never do that, right?!)

Living with the Land

These rides deserve our love, too! They’re a nice break from all the hustle and bustle, and they’re a fun way to learn and appreciate the magic of Disney’s creativity in all its forms.

Snack Miscalculation

We’ve all seen this one. Someone excitedly buys a delicious Disney World treat, only to take a bite or two right before stepping into the queue for a ride. Then what happens is they’re forced with a heartbreaking decision.

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Do they throw away the unfinished (and probably expensive) treat, or miss out on the ride? Do yourself a favor and make sure your snacking schedule is in order so this doesn’t happen to you.

Trying On Clothing While Sweaty

If you’ve been to Disney World in the summer, you know all too well that it is hot, and if you’ve decided to try on clothing while you’re in that sweaty state…well, let’s just say you’re not going to be looking your best.

Disney Merch

We cringe doubly hard when we happen to witness someone try on clothes over their own sweaty rags, and then decide not to buy them. Talk about next-level cringe.

The Mandatory Fun Shirts

Seeing those shirts that say, “My spouse made me do this” or “Most expensive day ever” can be a bit of a mood killer.


We get it, Disney World is pricey, but if you’re that miserable, maybe the magic isn’t working for you.

PDA Overload

Listen, Disney World can be a romantic place, and it’s great that you’re all loved up, but, some PDA can be a bit much for the rest of the crowd.

Big Al hugs

There’s a time and place for intense displays of affection. How about we save those make-out sessions for a more private location and keep things simple and sweet in the parks?

The Preshow Performer

We’ve all seen (or sometimes been) that one person who loves being part of the Disney World experience a bit too much and starts reciting the dialog and songs from the preshow.

Dr. Marsh

Unless it’s actually a sing-along, it can be a bit distracting for others, so how about we tone it down a bit? Okay?

Cinderella Castle

If you’ve ever done any of these things, don’t worry because we totally aren’t here to judge you. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest Disney news and advice, so make sure to follow along so that you’re always in the loop.

Everyone Has a Cringey Disney World Habit – This Is Yours

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What’s the cringiest thing you’ve seen (or done) at Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “7 Things We Silently Cringe at in Disney World”

  1. The kid that cuts you in line and leaves their parents behind you. You would think they would know how lines work at least.

    The Disney adult hater. People who give adults weird looks for letting their inner child out now and then.

    People who talk about random life stuff while riding something. This is more of a Disneyland thing but it ruins the immersion fast.

  2. People cutting through a queue allegedly because they (or a convenient kid) had to “go to the bathroom.” I’ve seen groups as large as five or six just passing everyone else who is maintaining queue integrity (not passing anyone) who just walk on by as if they own the place. GO TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE YOU GET INTO A LINE! Or start back at the end of you have to get out of line.

  3. The fireworks phone recorder (or the even wilder iPad dad!). We all want to relive moments, but I guarantee a 4 second search will find you a version online that looks 1000 times better and hit the feels in the same way.

    If you MUST record all of life, remember 2 simple rules:

    1. Flash/light off (we had a dad behind us for Wishes back in the day with the flash on the whole time, reflecting in my glasses and making it impossible to see).

    2. To quote “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Your hand at the level of your eyes.” Keep the phone below the top of your head. There’s no need to detract from other’s now for a video you may watch once (though, probably not ever) in the future.