5 Times I Felt BETRAYED by Disney World

We’ve been hurt before (and no, we’re not talking about teenage heartbreak) and we fear it’s only going to happen again.

Disney World

You see, not everything is always as it seems in Disney World, and apparently, we aren’t the only ones who have been burned by the mouse. So, we turned to our readers on Facebook to find out what things in Disney World gave them trust issues!

Disney Vacation Planner

Space Mountain

By far the most common response we got about the source of trust issues in our readers was Space Mountain. That’s it — just Space Mountain. This dark ride is known for being just that — dark. Unlike other dark rides in Disney World, Space Mountain doesn’t really have a ton of light to let you know where you’re going.

Space Mountain

Some people love that about the ride, but many people can’t stand it!

Virtual Queue Wait Times

At 7AM and 1 PM each day, the Virtual Queue for certain rides opens, and guests can reserve their spot to ride when their boarding group is called during the day. However, these boarding groups fill up very fast, so it’s important to be ready right at 7AM and 1PM to get your spot!

TRON Virtual Queue

But, even scoring a boarding group doesn’t mean you’ll be on the ride soon. When it’s your time to return to the ride, keep in mind that you likely won’t be riding immediately. There can still be a bit of a wait even once you scan into the line!

Peter Pan’s Flight Wait Times

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly short line for Peter Pan’s Flight! Our readers had two problems with this ride. The first is that the line is deceptively short-looking from the ride entrance, leading you to believe that the wait won’t be as long.

Peter Pan’s Flight

On the other hand, many of the replies we got involved the wait for Peter Pan’s Flight actually being shorter than what is usually posted. So, it sounds like Peter Pan’s Flight just can’t be trusted at all!

Bob Iger

Okay, we have to admit this one gave us a chuckle. Some of our readers don’t love the way that Disney makes “Blue Sky” announcements. It’s happened time and time again, where Bob Iger or some other Disney executive will make a generic announcement about something new on the way.


Except, Disney doesn’t always follow through on these Blue Sky ideas. They’re still up in the air, and for whatever reason sometimes they don’t come to fruition. Shockingly, that tends to make fans upset and can lead to some trust issues.

Other People

We’re all in this together, but sometimes people just don’t get the memo. Whether it’s someone cutting in line, blocking the walkway, or not cleaning up after themselves at a quick-service restaurant, there are plenty of reasons why other people in the parks gave our readers trust issues!

People everywhere

Of course, at the end of the day, we’re all trying to have a good time — so it’s important to try and be as respectful as possible to others. But, we’re all adults here, so hopefully we shouldn’t have to tell you that.


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What gives you trust issues in Disney World? Tell us in the comments.

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