The CHEAPEST Days To Go to Disney World in 2025

It’s never too early to start planning your next Disney World vacation, and if you’re thinking about a 2025 trip — we’ve got some unfortunate news to share.

Disney World

Disney World has raised the price of park tickets for trips next year. In fact, they raised the starting price of tickets for the first time since 2022. But, while your 2025 trip may end up costing you more, we’ve rounded up the CHEAPEST-priced days so that you can still potentially save some dough.

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So let’s take a look at the cheapest dates we found in 2025 so far.

August 2025

Unfortunately, the cheapest days to visit Disney World don’t come around until the later part of 2025. This is true this year as well, and since we know Disney tickets are subject to surge pricing, it’s likely that they’re expecting fewer crowds during these times. Not only that, but some of these prices actually decreased from their 2024 counterparts.


Here’s how those cheapest tickets break down.

  • August 19th — $119 (decrease)
  • August 20th — $119 (increase)
  • August 20th — $119 (increase)
  • August 21st — $119 (increase)
  • August 22nd — $119 (increase)
  • August 25th — $119 (decrease)
  • August 26th — $119 (increase)
  • August 27th — $119 (increase)
  • August 28th — $119 (increase)
Animal Kingdom

September 2025

After kiddos start heading back to school, we often see crowds slow down a bit. Because of this, September can often bring some of the lowest prices all year. We also saw some price decreases for this month.


Here’s how the cheapest September tickets break down.

  • September 2nd — $119 (decrease)
  • September 3rd — $119 (increase)
  • September 4th — $119 (increase)
  • September 9th — $119 (increase)
  • September 10th — $119 (increase)
  • September 11th — $119 (increase)
  • September 15th — $119 (increase)
  • September 16th — $119 (increase)
  • September 17th — $119 (increase)
  • September 18th — $119 (increase)
  • September 23rd — $119 (increase)
  • September 24th — $119 (increase)
  • September 25th — $119 (increase)
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