6 Glaring Ride Problems in Magic Kingdom That Need to Be Fixed ASAP

Okay, we love Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

…BUT let’s just say we have some issues with that park, too. First, we will always blame the trolley tracks (that have always been there) when we twist our ankles on them. Also, why must everyone crowd on Main Street, U.S.A. to watch the fireworks? Again, something that can’t be controlled However, a lot of Magic Kingdom rides are  having issues that Disney COULD fix.

Yes, Disney, we need you to fix these Magic Kingdom rides ASAP.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Okay, so Pirates of the Caribbean goes down a lot, often first thing in the morning. It stays down for long periods of time, too. So for those visiting Disney World who just want to ride this classic attraction, they may be out of luck on any given day. The ride needs some TLC.

Pirates of the Caribbean closes A LOT

We also have another issue, too, though. Do you remember that awesome smoke effect with Davy Jones? It’s missing and it’s been gone for a while. We don’t know if it was removed intentionally or if it’s just broken, but we miss it.

What’s in the Water on Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World?

Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland isn’t, well, progressing very well. Yes, the final scene in the ride gets updated every once in a while to make it seem “fresh,” but those poor animatronics seem outdated, especially when we’ve seen what Disney can do with animatronics right now.

These animatronics could use some love

We occasionally spot other issues with the animatronics, too (we’ve seen missing hands, and that’s just traumatic). This will always be a great nap spot, though, so we’ll always have that.

The History of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress


The PeopleMover, which is also in Tomorrowland, must be one of the most simple (sorry, Imagineers) rides in Disney World, but it closes…a LOT. We don’t know why except that this ride is often not moving people at all.

PeopleMover being evacuated…again

We’ve been evacuated from PeopleMover more times than we can count, and at this point, it’s just ridiculous. So, Disney, please give this ride its overdue refurbishment.

The Complete History of the PeopleMover at Walt Disney World

Haunted Mansion

Although Hatbox Ghost has finally made his way to Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, something else has been missing from the ride recently. The floating candelabra in the Endless Hallway scene has just disappeared and it hasn’t come back yet.

It’s GONE!

This is one of the oldest effects in the mansion, so we’re surprised it’s taking Disney so long to fix it. It’s also one of the most iconic effects and sets the scene for the entire ride, so Disney needs to fix it ASAP.

13 New Things We Learned About The Haunted Mansion Ride When Watching Behind the Attraction on Disney+

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Yes, the newest ride in Magic Kingdom has a big problem. Although the Tomorrowland ride has accessible seating for those who can’t ride on the bikes (which have restrictive seats), there is only one line for accessible seating. That means the line gets long.

The TRON regular seats are restrictive

Of course, only two of the coaster cars even have a row of accessible seats in the back, so maybe Disney should add more seats to allow more people to ride that way at any given time.

Is TRON Lightcycle/Run the Shortest Thrill Ride at Disney World?

Stitch’s Great Escape

Let’s head back to Tomorrowland. First, this infamous attraction was Alien Encounter (the most terrifying ride to ever grace a Disney Park). It was also once Mission to Mars and Flight to the Moon. It eventually became Stitch’s Great Escape. Then it became, well, nothing.

Stitch’s Great Escape

Disney has not announced plans for the building that once housed Stitch’s Great Escape, so it’s just sitting there empty. We get a little sad every time we ride over the building on the PeopleMover. It did briefly get used as a pop-up shop when TRON Lightcycle / Run opened, but now, it’s empty again.

Why There’s an Abandoned Attraction in the Middle of Magic Kingdom

So yes, we think Disney needs to get to fixing these ride problems quickly. Magic Kingdom could use a little love now, especially before Disney starts building its big expansion.

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What do you think? Which Magic Kingdom rides do you think need fixing? Sound off in the comments!

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