PHOTOS! This Beloved Animatronic Lost Its Hand Today in Disney World!

Some of our favorite Disney attractions have been having some crazy malfunctions this year!

Splash Mountain

Whether it’s Elsa forgetting the words on Frozen Ever AfterBre’er Rabbit having a DAY on Splash Mountain, José falling asleep on Gran Fiesta Tour, or even the Jungle Cruise boat SINKING, it’s been quite a year for the Disney rides. And today, another Magic Kingdom attraction experienced some technical difficulties!

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day, but today was a little bit off for this guy! According to a report from reader @Mlecuyer28 on Disney Food Blog, something out of the ordinary happened on the Carousel of Progress today!

Carousel of Progress

Something was missing from Carousel of Progress today — namely a hand!

© Mlecuyer28

Let’s give a hand to John for keeping up his part in this scene — the show must go on, after all! Millennium-based John is enjoying his Christmas Day in the kitchen, albeit with a misplaced hand!

© Mlecuyer28

We sure hope that John finds his hand soon! But at least there’s a “great big beautiful tomorrow” to look forward to!

Click here to see the BIG piece missing from the Flight of Passage queue today!

What do you think has been the craziest malfunction this year? Let us know in the comments!

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