WHAT Is Going on With Genie+ Prices in Disney World?!

Well, people. It’s happened again. Genie+ has changed in Disney World, and it’s been a doozy trying to wrap our heads around it.

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But we persevered — for you. And now that the new Genie+ system has been around for a few days, we’re taking a look at just how those prices have been affected.

As of June 27th, 2023, Genie+ pricing is park-specific. Looking to use Genie+ at multiple parks on one date? You’ll have to opt for the multi-park option — which is one price.


Planning to use Genie+ at just one park? You can buy a single park option, but you’ll need to select which park you’re buying Genie+ for. Pricing will vary based on the date AND the park you want to visit. So, for example, pricing for Genie+ at Animal Kingdom on any given day may be much cheaper than pricing for the service at Magic Kingdom on that same day.

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The day before these changes rolled out — June 26th — Genie+ cost $25 for the day no matter which park you were visiting. And then, the price went UP on the day of the change — June 27th.  The park with the highest Genie+ price was Magic Kingdom at $27, which meant that was the cost for the multi-park option as well.

Pricing on June 27th ©Disney

We actually saw Genie+ pricing DECREASE on June 28th compared to June 29th. Prices for the multi-park option, Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios all decreased by $2, but prices for Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT for the single-park option stayed the same.

On June 29th, Genie+ pricing was the same as on June 28th, and with the Fourth of July coming up in Disney World, it’s possible that we could see the price increase again.

June 28th Prices ©Disney

We learned that Disney will NOT sell the multi-park Genie+ option if it sells out at ANY park. So if, Genie+ sells out at Magic Kingdom, both the Magic Kingdom and the multi-park Genie+ options will NO LONGER be available to buy for that day.

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Under the old structure, if Genie+ sold out at Magic Kingdom for the day, that would be IT. Genie+ as a whole would “sell out” and would become unavailable for any guest to purchase for any park.

But under the new structure, if Genie+ sells out at Magic Kingdom, both the Magic Kingdom and multi-park Genie+ options will no longer be available to purchase. However, the Genie+ options for the remaining parks will still be available to buy.

Genie+ Lightning Lane

For more about Genie+ and how to use the service, click here for our full page and click the link below for answers to all your questions about the new system. And stay tuned for more details!

Here’s Why We LOVE the New Genie+ Change

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