NEW Pricing Revealed for Genie+ in Disney World

Things have CHANGED with Genie+ in an important way.

Lightning Lane

Way back in the beginning, Genie+ was priced at a standard $15 per person per day in Disney World. Then, surge pricing was introduced, making the price variable depending on the day. Now, another change has been made and Genie+ pricing is park-specific. Here’s what you need to know!

The next time you buy Genie+, things won’t be the same! On June 27th, 2023, Genie+ pricing became park-specific. Here’s how it breaks down. When in the My Disney Experience app, you’ll still hit the usual buttons to make your Genie+ purchase. You can hit the 3 horizontal lines to the bottom-right-hand side, and go to “Tip Board.”

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Then, you’ll see an option to purchase Genie+ for today.

Once you hit that, you’ll encounter a screen explaining Genie+. Remember that Genie+ is a service where you pay a fee per day to access the Lightning Lanes at multiple rides. Once you buy the service, you’ll be able to see the next available times to use various rides’ Lightning Lanes (essentially the old FastPass+ lanes). You’ll select a return time for the ride you want, wait for that return time to arrive, use the Lightning Lane once it does (skipping the standby wait), and then you can make another selection.

Generally, selections can be made one at a time throughout the day.

Genie+ Lightning Lane

Once you get past the general info, you’ll be hit with the Genie+ pricing screen. Instead of one standard price for the service, there are a few different options. If you have a ticket with park Hopper benefits, will be visiting multiple parks in one day, and plan to use Genie+ in multiple parks in one day, then you’ll want to opt for the “Multiple Parks” option.

If you’ll only be visiting one park or only plan to use Genie+ in one park, then you can opt for the 1-park options. Pricing now varies not only by date but also by park. So, on June 27th, for example, pricing was as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom — $27
  • EPCOT — $18
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios — $24
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom — $16

This matches the pricing we saw Disney reveal a few days ago when the change was announced.

This pricing will continue to change — again, not just by date but also by park — so you may want to take a look at those budgets and see how they need to be adjusted!

Once you select which park you’ll be buying Genie+ for, you can select who you’re buying it for, confirm your party, and finalize the steps to make your purchase.

Genie+ Lightning Lane

For now, Genie+ is only available to purchase for Disney World on the day of your visit starting at midnight. Disney has, however, indicated that more changes are coming to Genie+ in the future that should allow guests to do some pre-planning with the service in advance of their trip. What those changes will be exactly hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’re on the lookout for more info.

Lightning Lane

What do you think about this Genie+ change? Tell us in the comments!

And stay tuned for more Disney news.

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2 Replies to “NEW Pricing Revealed for Genie+ in Disney World”

  1. Bring back free fast pass. This is a rip off. Paying over and over and over. Greed and gouging instead of wishes and dreams.