The WORST Month to Go to Disney World, Based on Genie+ Prices

Ever since it was launched in 2021, Disney Genie+ has been a fairly controversial system…but perhaps the most controversial thing that Disney has done with it since is to introduce flexible pricing.

Disney Genie+

When Genie+ first launched, it was $15 per person, per day at Disney World, and things remained that way for a year. But since October 2022, Genie+ pricing has STARTED at $15 per day, with prices going as high as $29 per person, per day. We’ve been tracking the price since then, and we’re here to tell you which months are the WORST for purchasing Genie+!


Let’s start out with a look at October 2022, when Disney first introduced flexible pricing. The update was made on October 12th, so we only have data from that day through the end of the month, but it seems that the prices were in the low 20s for most of the days.

Lightning Lane signage in Disney World

There were a few days when the price dipped down to $18 or $15 (it was actually at its cheapest on Halloween, surprisingly!), so overall it wasn’t too expensive in October.


November brought Thanksgiving crowds, which means we started to see the prices jump for Genie+ during the busy holidays. During Thanksgiving week, the price reached its peak at $29 per person, but the rest of the month was surprisingly low.


In the weeks leading up to and following the holiday, Genie+ stayed in the $15-$20 range. That means that if you visited on the best days in November, you could’ve saved half the price!


Okay, we know you’re all curious about December, and we are too! Before Christmas break, Genie+ was averaging $15-$19 per day, but once it hit December 19th (AKA, the day that Annual Pass blockouts started and many people were out of school), it skyrocketed up to $25.

Spaceship Earth Crowds in December

The price remained at $25 for a few days at the beginning of the holiday week, but it peaked at $29 starting on December 23rd and stayed there through the end of the year.


In January, you’re still dealing with leftover holiday crowds, as well as the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend crowds on the first weekend of the year. For this reason, Genie+ started at $29 for the first several days of January.

Genie+ Lightning Lane

After that initial surge, Genie+ mostly stayed in the $17-$20 range, fluctuating during MLK weekend and other busy days. On average, it seemed to be a bit pricier in January than it was back in the fall.


February was a shockingly expensive time to buy Genie+ in Disney World. For the first week or so, the price stayed in the teens, but after that it jumped into the 20s and stayed there for the remainder of the month. The combination of Mardi Gras, the Princess Half Marathon, and Presidents Day weekend brought wild crowds to the parks, and during that time, Genie+ hit $29 per day again.

Valentine’s Day Crowds

You might not expect Genie+ to be so pricey in a month that used to be considered the “slow” season, but you may want to be wary of visiting during your break in February!


And finally, we come to March…Spring Break season! The first two weeks were relatively calm in terms of pricing, but since mid-month, Disney Genie+ has been $25 a day or more. It hit the $29 peak on several days.


We expect that the price will remain high through the rest of Spring Break season (March and April), and will probably hit another peak during the weeks before and after Easter.

Which Month is WORST?

Based on the six months of data we have so far, it seems that December is the worst time to visit for Genie+ pricing. It had the MOST peak-priced days, followed by November.

Genie+ Lightning Lane

As far as average high prices go, March seems to win that battle. About half of the month had days with prices in the mid-twenties and higher. On the other hand, December and November had some low-priced days early in the month.

Flight of Passage Lightning Lane

For cheapest prices, October was the way to go. However, that could’ve been just due to the fact that flexible pricing was new and Disney wanted to test the waters. We’ll have to see what things are like in fall 2023!

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Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Genie+ news and all the updates from Disney World. We’ll help you plan an amazing vacation!

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