Disney World is Giving Guests a Discount on Custom Lightsabers — Here’s Why

Over the past year, we’ve seen supply issues affect a lot of things at Disney World.

Lightsabers at Tattooine Traders

From ketchup shortages to noodle shortages to POG juice shortages, we’ve seen how these issues have impacted guests. But now a supply issue has affected a popular Disney World experience.

That experience is Savi’s Workshop, where guests can build their own customizable lightsabers. It’s such a popular experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood  Studios that reservations are pretty hard to get.  But right now, there’s a shortage affecting guests who pay $219.99 for the experience.

Savi’s Workshop

According to the official Savi’s Workshop page on the Disney World website, the experience includes a carrying case for the lightsaber that guests create.


These cases are made of black fabric with a handle to make carrying the lightsaber easier. However, we spoke with a Cast Member today who informed us that those carrying cases are not currently available because of a supply issue. In the meantime, customers are being given plastic bags for their new lightsabers.


However, guests are being told that lightsaber carrying cases are being sold next door at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for $50.

Lightsaber carrying case at Dok Ondar’s

In the meantime, Savi’s guests are getting a 10% discount off the price of their experience to make up for the inconvenience. Just note that this isn’t a permanent change — the plastic bags are only temporary according to the Cast Members.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation, so stay tuned.

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What do you think of this supply issue situation? Let us know in the comments.

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4 Replies to “Disney World is Giving Guests a Discount on Custom Lightsabers — Here’s Why”

  1. Imagine if Disney did this same trick with attractions. You pay for a park ticket only to find out the ride you came for isn’t available due to overcrowding, but wait, for an additional $15 you can actually ride the attraction. Oh, that’s right, they’re already doing that.

  2. I had to read this article several times….so the case that the saber should be included with is not available due to a shortage but a few steps away…you can buy one for $60.00 so a 10% discount is given at Savi’s which equates to a $21.00 saving…leaving a balance of $39.00(plus tax) ..which the saber buyer must pay for a complete kit…
    This sounds like one of those arithmetic questions I had to address in elementary school.

  3. This is in reaction to a social media post that went viral. Someone got a plastic bag, pointed out that the experience and saber is to include a carrying case, asked for a discount, but Disney cast members and their supervisors said there was nothing that could be done to remedy the situation. Hopefully that person does receive the same discount that future guests are getting.

  4. A 10% discount? So Disney is giving them a $22 discount and telling them if they want a case they have to pay $50? Sorry no thanks Disney. If you can’t give me the case I paid for, I’m cancelling my Savi reservation and expect a full refund.