Pay-Per-Ride Prices INCREASE Heading Into the Weekend at Disney World

Disney Genie debuted in Disney World this week bringing two new paid ways to “skip the line” at popular attractions throughout all four parks.


We’ve been breaking down everything that you need to know about Disney Genie+ and Individual Attraction Selections, including how to purchase each, how to stack Lightning Lane (aka old FastPass lane) reservations, and what the wait times are actually like if you opt not to purchase these services. And, as we head into the weekend, there’s been an update to Individual Attraction Selection pricing. 

If you’re not familiar, Individual Attraction Selections are Disney’s new pay-per-ride option. It is offered at 8 different rides (that are NOT included in Genie+) and each guest can purchase a maximum of two reservations per day.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

When the service was first announced, Disney shared that pricing for each attraction would vary by date, ride, and park. And, while the pricing had remained consistent from Tuesday through Thursday this week, we’re now seeing the first change in price for select rides.

Remy’s Ratatouille Entrance

At Magic Kingdom, the pricing for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has increased from $10 to $12…


…and Space Mountain has also gotten a $2 price bump, going from $7 to $9.


Over at EPCOT, Lightning Lane access for Frozen Ever After increased from what was $9 during the week to $11…


…and the newest attraction, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure also went up from $9 to $11. Keep in mind that this attraction does not have a standby line and instead uses a virtual queue, so you’ll either need to secure a spot in line during one of the two distribution times (7AM and 1PM) or pay for the Individual Lightning Lane to ride.


We also spotted some price increases for Individual Attraction Selections at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as Avatar Flight of Passage increased from $11 to $14 (the biggest jump in price of all the pay-per-ride attractions).


However, Expedition Everest remained the same, priced at $7.


And, lastly, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, prices increased from $8 to $10 at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway


…though Individual Lightning Lane reservations remained the same at $15 for Rise of the Resistance (and again sold out early in the morning, though more could be added later in the day).


The price increases are likely due to it being the weekend, but it is still unclear if these prices remain throughout Saturday and Sunday as well so we’ll be keeping an eye out. And, if you’d rather not pay to “skip the line,” don’t forget that standby lines are still available for all guests at no additional cost.

And, be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for more of the latest Disney news and updates!

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19 Replies to “Pay-Per-Ride Prices INCREASE Heading Into the Weekend at Disney World”

  1. AllEars, I love you and your article, but PLEASE STOP referring to Genie+ as allowing guests to “Skip the Line”. The old FastPass lines were often long and anything but “skipping the line”. Yes, the lines are shorter, but there are still wait times to be seen. No reason to think Genie+ will be any different. I wish Disney would be upfront and honest and sell base tickets titled what they are, “Standby Tickets” with the option to upgrade to “First Class” tickets for extra fees. Of course this would only serve to make guest realize exactly what they are being sold.

  2. At age 72, I can look back at how fortunate I was to have visited Disney World over 100 times since first going in 1975. I truly loved it – almost as much as I now despise seeing what it has become. The fun and spontaneity of a day at Disney has been replaced by the need for excessive planning and spending excessive amounts of money. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave. Fortunately, I have fond memories of what it once was since I’ll never go back to what it is now.

  3. What an absolute shame. The Magic and anticipation that I have always felt isn’t there anymore.

    We are no longer “Guests” of Walt Disney, just a faceless means of increasing the share price.

  4. I made a major policy change for my upcoming November trip to the WL. To compensate for the every other day housekeeping, increased food prices, and the extra add ons for select rides and genie+, I have made my own business decision to drastically reduce or eliminate tipping at restaurants and elsewhere. I will be able to save enough to compensate and pay for the reduced value and benefits that I have lost. Disney can take all their increased prices and pay their workers a decent wage with their new price structures that I am paying. The Disney fifty logo does not stand for 50 years, but for the increased park prices per person per day. I am not Goofy.

    1. I feel your frustrations. I don’t disagree. However, keep in mind the people that you’re are stiffing on a tip are the ones who are currently willing to work. There are a lot of deadbeats out there just taking the government money and saying no thanks to job applications right now.

    2. That’s the same as screaming at an employee at lightning lane entrance except way more passive aggressive and way less moral high ground.

    3. The people waiting tables at Disney didn’t come up with this policy. They are trying to eke out a living and , I am sure, rely heavily on tips. So don’t punish them. Instead, if you want to impact Disney, don’t buy a single souvenir. Skip the ships that you are dumped into at the end of the rides. Don’t buy it rent Disney movies. And spend less time in the parks than you normally would and do other things like hang out at the pool, go to Disney Springs, play miniature golf, or go to explore other attractions. Order groceries for your room and put stuff like coffee and granola bars and snacks in your luggage and don’t buy food at the resorts. There are lots of ways you can take money away from Disney without hurting the workers. Tip like it is you or your own kids waiting on you.

    1. Hi! That could be for a variety of reasons — in this case, Mine Train was temporarily down. Currently Standby isn’t available for Remy, so that’s why it’s showing up unavailable for that! Typically though it means that the ride is down!

  5. Genie+ – Whatever the customer will bear…. If Disney sees that “we” (not me) are willing to pay the price, then they will continue to increase their fees. I would rather stand in line, then pay more for an already steep vacation price. I am very disheartened by the Genie+ expense and the huge increase to attend the Christmas Party.

  6. To summarize…you are at WDW with a family of four and decide you’d like to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. After spending hundreds of dollars for tickets for the day, you are left with the following options…

    1) Pay $48 to get your family of four to the front of the line for a two minute ride.
    2) Wait your turn in the “peasant” line, with a waiting time that is artificially inflated by people walking to the front of the line and extending the wait for everyone else.

    Anyone who pays for this service ought to have their head examined, and it’s just going to cause resentment among everyone else.

    1. Yes, all of the perks are for the wealthy or the not so bright. Unfortunately, people do as they are told and this perk will more than likely not go away.

      1. Realize, too, that paying for LL perk will not necessarily put you at “front of the line”. It will move you way ahead of the “peasants”, (as you put it), but you will still likely be behind several people who ponied up the fee before you did. Either Genie+ and LL will be a flop and the few people paying won’t really affect wait times, or, it will become the new necessity to be able to ride anything. I’m fearful it will be the latter.