How to Maximize Your Time at Disney World’s BOO Bash

Disney World’s Halloween After Hours BOO Bash event kicked off last week and we’ve had a lot to say about our experience.

BOO Bash

While BOO Bash gives you less time at the event than the past Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, there are ways to maximize your time at BOO Bash so you can get your money’s worth.

We’ve broken down BOO Bash into a few key ways you can really get the most out of your ticket.

Get There Early

BOO Bash ticket holders can enter Magic Kingdom as early as 7PM. The actual BOO Bash event does not begin until 9 or 9:30PM depending on the date, but you can at least enter Magic Kingdom early and start riding rides.

Tomorrowland Projections

BOO Bash exclusive treats and candy will not be available until event begins, but rides will be open and you can even catch the Happily Ever After fireworks show before the event!

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Decide Beforehand What You Want To Do Most

While extensive planning for Disney World visits isn’t always the best idea, in the case of BOO Bash it will help you figure out exactly what you want to prioritize during the three hour event.


When you arrive for BOO Bash, you will be given a map for all the Trick-or-Treat stations located around Magic Kingdom. If free candy is your thing, you can review all the candy stations before even getting to BOO Bash.

Trick-or-treating spot in Tomorrowland!

That way, rather than wandering around aimlessly looking for free candy, you can have a plan for which stations to visit. You can find allergy-friendly treats in Liberty Square!

Here’s every treat station location at BOO Bash!


Instead of a Halloween parade, BOO Bash has four Halloween Cavalcades that each have scheduled showtimes, making it easier for guests to plan ahead.  Each cavalcade has two showtimes, giving you two different chances to catch them.

Jack and Sally

Whether you want to catch all four cavalcades or just one, you can check each of their showtimes before you get to BOO Bash to plan where you need to be at the right times.

Check out all four Halloween Cavalcades at BOO Bash here!


BOO Bash offers some exclusive treats that are only available during the event, so if that’s something you want to do, you can review every BOO Bash treat right now.

Prince John Sucker

The exclusive treats are located throughout Magic Kingdom, but as you make your way around depending on your event priorities, you can add in stops to these locations for the rare opportunities to try some of these special treats, like the Prince John Sucker!

Here’s every Halloween treat you can find at BOO Bash!


Select rides are open during BOO Bash and in our experience,  ride waits were low, allowing guests opportunities to ride many popular Magic Kingdom rides. If you’re attending BOO Bash hoping to ride as many rides as possible, get in line as early as you can.


We recommend prioritizing rides with the lowest waits first, as the wait times for some rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train dropped later in the evening. Start with the low wait rides first and hopefully ride waits will drop as the night continues!

Here are all the rides open during BOO Bash!


As you make your way around Magic Kingdom, you can spot characters dressed in Halloween costumes. Photo opportunities for BOO Bash are socially distanced, so you can take pictures of characters from afar.

Pirate Goofy in Adventureland

The characters don’t really have any set appearance times, and we’ve covered every Halloween character and where we found them. Instead of searching everywhere to seek them out, you can keep your eyes peeled for appearances while you focus on whatever you want to do most.

Click here for every character you can see at BOO Bash!

Stay As Late As You Can

BOO Bash is only three hours long. If you get there at 7 PM, you can stretch your experience in Magic Kingdom to five and a half hours (or five hours on some nights), but the event itself is still only three hours, giving you a short window of time to do everything you want.

Maleficent was a highlight of the evening!

The second entertainment performances are usually less crowded, so we recommend reviewing the Halloween Cavalcade schedule for those later showtimes. If you prioritize other things you want to do first (like treats, candy, or rides), you can possibly fit in the entertainment at the end of the night.

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So if you want to make the most out of your BOO Bash ticket, we recommend putting together a plan so you can walk away from the event feeling like you got your money’s worth. Keep reading All Ears for more Disney World BOO Bash and After Hours event tips and tricks!

Is Disney World’s BOO Bash worth the price tag?

Will you be attending BOO Bash? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “How to Maximize Your Time at Disney World’s BOO Bash”

  1. I was VERY disappointed in Boo Bash. As you stated, the only real good thing was short wait times for rides. NO place open to get any REAL and one can just snack so much on popcorn and ice cream. For the overpriced cost of Boo Bash, it was a HUGE disappointment. I hope Mickey’s Not So Scary is back next year. This is just one more event that is overpriced and leaves the guest lacking.