PHOTOS: New Leaflet Explains FastPass+ Retirement in Disney World

There are some big changes coming to Disney World, including the launch of Genie+, the new paid FastPass system. That’s right — the days of complimentary FastPasses are behind us.


This is quite a major change, so in order to help communicate this transition to guests, new leaflets are being distributed in the theme parks.

While visiting Magic Kingdom today, we received a leaflet explaining that FastPass+ is no longer available. The leaflet lets guests know that “Disney FastPass+ service has now been retired,” and that “there are many new and exciting experiences for you to enjoy.”

Leaflets being distributed in the theme parks

Here’s a closer look at the exact verbiage on his handout:

New leaflets explaining to guests that FastPass+ has been retired.

FastPass and FastPass+ have been a part of the Disney World guest experience since 1999, so this is definitely a milestone change for the theme parks — one that requires some additional communication with guests like these leaflets so they aren’t caught off guard.

Lightning Lane signage has popped up around Disney World

Genie+ will launch sometime this fall, and we have already noticed some new “Lightning Lane” signage in the parks replacing the old FastPass signs (Lightning Lane is the new term for the FastPass lane).

It’s a Lightning Lane now!

We’ll keep an eye out for more new additions and announcements in the coming weeks and months as we prepare to experience Genie and Genie+ this fall!

Click here to learn more about Genie+

Would you pay for Genie+? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “PHOTOS: New Leaflet Explains FastPass+ Retirement in Disney World”

  1. Big mistake! Instead of makin g people WANTING to come to WDW this is now a major turn off and making people angry. This new guy keeps eliminating things…adding charge everywhere…ruining what USED to be a happy, magical experience. I will never pay for the attractions on top of the already pricey admission ticket

  2. This is one of many mistakes Disney is making and has made. Walt must be turning in his grave that his parks are becoming so “not family friendly”