This Popular Sipper is BACK and Available at the EPCOT Taste of Food and Wine Festival!

During our visit to EPCOT today during its Cast Member Preview, we discovered that the Food and Wine Festival booths are OPEN!

A Taste of Food and Wine Festival

At this year’s festival, we learned that a certain hot-ticket item from the Flower and Garden Festival is still available for purchase!

You remember the Spike the Bee sipper that seemed to fly off the “shelf” earlier this year at the Flower and Garden Festival? He is back!

Spike the Bee Sipper

This cutie is available at Refreshment Outpost. You can order it with a Coca Cola or Lemonade frozen slushy for $15.

Spike the Bee Sipper

We also spotted the Spike the Bee spork, also available for purchase! These may be popular items that sell out quickly once the festival officially begins on July 15th, so if you want to grab one, make sure you head to Refreshment Outpost!

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Are you planning on attending this year’s Food and Wine Festival? Let us know in the comments!

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