Our First Visit to Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We were just lucky enough to get our first real visit to Hollywood StudiosStar Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, thanks to some friends and family members! With the release of the land’s map online, we were prepared to explore Black Spire Outpost and report our findings, thoughts, and experiences to you.

Disney World Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Map ©Disney

Come along with us on our journey to the planet of Batuu and see what we found (including what’s different between the lands in Disneyland and Disney World).

First Impressions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World

One word we heard repeatedly about the land before its opening was “Immersive.” But we had to wonder how immersive could it be if we are walking from a Muppets or Toy Story-themed area into the land. Would we really feel like we ventured onto another planet? The answer is YES.

Walking into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When you enter the land you walk through an entrance designed to frame your first views of landscape. As you walk through a darkened tunnel, you make the transition from “the real world” to that galaxy far, far away when you suddenly burst into the daylight and see all the amazingness that surrounds you. Each new step forward makes you leave all thoughts of singing frogs or Slinky Dogs behind.

Walking into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The first full view of the land takes your breath away. Everywhere around you feels like Star Wars, just like something straight out of the movies. From the chiseled rock work to the futuristic space vehicles dotting the landscape, you know you have been transported to a different time and place.

As we were told while Galaxy’s Edge was being constructed, the Disney World land is nearly identical to the one that opened on May 29 in Disneyland. Still, we were eager to see for ourselves and make some comparisons.

The first thing that caught our eyes, and probably catches everyone’s eyes, is the stunningly detailed reproduction of the Millennium Falcon. Just like in Disneyland, it looks REAL, and your first urge is to rush over to ride it right away.

The Millennium Falcon at Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

But we didn’t do that, because our first order of business was a visit to Oga’s Cantina! We had reservations!

These two banners signal that you’ve reached Oga’s Cantina

This shady watering hole is virtually the same as its Disneyland twin, right down to the critters behind the bar, and DJ R3X spinning the tunes.

DJ R3X, formerly a pilot on Star Tours, now is the DJ at Oga’s Cantina

The Food and Drinks at Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The same holds true of the Galaxy’s Edge restaurants — they are laid out the same as their Disneyland counterparts and serve mostly the same menus.  The main difference here is that there are more alcoholic beverage options in Disney World, which we discuss here.

In addition to Oga’s Cantina, we visited the land’s Ronto Roasters and Docking Bay 7.

For sustenance we tried several of the dishes at Docking Bay 7, which are all available at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, too.

Braised Shaak Roast at Docking Bay 7

Endorian Tip Yip at Docking Bay 7

Felucian Garden Spread at Docking Bay 7

Batuu Bon at Docking Bay 7

The decor at these eateries is the same as at Disneyland — very futuristic or industrial. There’s the same droid operating the Pod Racer engine at Ronto Roasters, for example. It’s all very in keeping with ambiance of the films — it’s not hard to believe you’re somewhere on the Outer Rim at all!

Pit Droid at Ronto Roasters

Piloting the Millennium Falcon in Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Just like in Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, the only ride currently open is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.  We found that it is basically the same experience as Disneyland’s once you enter the attraction.

Entrance to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Just like in Disneyland, you see the same details along the long, immersive queue, like this abandoned card game.

Along the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Queue at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Other details are straight out of the Star Wars films — you actually feel like you’re on board the Millennium Falcon!

Along the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Queue at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After having the chance to experience the attraction twice, we can’t decide if we had more fun in the queue or actually riding it! The queue details are intense, and as we said earlier, are pretty much the same as those found in the Disneyland version of the ride.

We imagined we were playing chess with Han Solo on the hologram chess table, listened to conversations of workers as we milled around, saw Chewbacca in the background and more.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Queue at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We also got to see Hondo Onaka before we actually flew the Falcon —  and wow, is he amazing! This Audio-Animatronic is truly one of Disney’s most advanced ever.

Hondo Ohnaka in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This ride takes things to a new level. As we said earlier, we were lucky enough to ride twice — once as engineer and once as pilot. Being pilot is WAY more fun (as everyone has said) because you are busy the whole time, whereas when you’re engineer it feels like you’re riding Epcot’s Mission: Space, waiting for your buttons to light up. But that’s OK — at the end of the Falcon’s mission we were ready to set off again and again!

Shopping in Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We did not have the opportunity to build a lightsaber at Disney World’s Savi’s Workshop this visit, but we confirmed that the process mirrors the Disneyland process. The kyber crystal selection is the same, as are the prices for the crystals and lightsabers.

As far as the other shops, you’ll find they are the same as Disneyland’s, too. In addition to Savi’s Workshop, there’s the Droid Depot, where you can build your own droid. And Dok-Ondar is running his Den of Antiquities here as well. Again, the Den looks much like the Disneyland den, down to most of the small details and “Easter eggs” from the Star Wars films, as well as others.

Dok-Ondar oversees his Den of Antiquities in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

You’ll also see stalls in the Black Spire Outpost marketplace, like the Toydarian Toymaker and the Creature Stall, selling the adorable Kowakian monkey lizards that perch banshee-style on your shoulder, Porgs, and more.

Kowakian monkey lizard
Shopping in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World

The marketplace FEELs like a real marketplace, with the open stalls and vendors selling their wares. They’ve really done a great job at creating the atmosphere of a bustling community.

In fact, the whole of Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is just — to use an overused word — amazing. The level of detail is so impressive, and there is just so much to explore, the four hours we had we nowhere near enough time.

Whew. What a trip! We have much more to report and so many more pictures to share! Stay tuned to AllEars.net and follow us to stay up-to-date on the latest Galaxy’s Edge news!

When are you visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Our First Visit to Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”

  1. Hey there!
    Loved the review/preview! I’m going in a couple of weeks and cannot wait. About how long should I plan to spend there? And how far in advance did you get reservations for Oga’s Cantina? I’d love to include that in my visit but I can’t find info about making reservations.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Andre, this was a preview, which is why we had the cantina reservations. Not sure yet how Disney World will be handling that yet, but we’ll report when we find out! We spend about four hours there, which was enough to see most things, but you could definitely spend longer!

  2. You said you would mention what is different, but I didn’t see anything other than alcohol mentioned, yet the photos makes it appear that the market place has cover over it, something Disneylands version desperately needs.

    I also notice you being way over positive about this, if it is as much like Disneylands version as you say, then it still lacks entertainment, prices for the food are very high in comparison to portion sizes, even by Disney Standards and overall there is a lack of things to do in the land. Yet none of the shortfalls were mentioned.

    1. Hi Chris, we only touched on some aspects of the new land in this post — we do have another scheduled that goes into a little more detail about the differences we spotted. Keep in mind, though, that we were just there for a preview — the land isn’t even officially open yet. Also, as it was only our first visit, and only a few hours at that, we do tend to feel very positive about the place. Perhaps after we’ve been again, once the land is open and “fully operational,” we will have more criticisms.