PUNCH IT! NEW UPDATES for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney just released a whole bunch of information about the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge coming later this year to Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Concept Model

One of the most exciting things coming to Galaxy’s Edge is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run — an attraction that puts you in control of the iconic ship!

Guests will receive a mission and then take on three critical roles: Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Gunner. You’ll have to fire lasers, steer the vessel, and activate hyperspace — and the outcome of your mission actually affects other experiences within Galaxy’s Edge.

So are you ready for the all new details? Thanks to the Orange County Register’s sneak peek we have all new information. Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

©Disney from @DisneyParks on Twitter

The setting: a village of Black Spire Outpost on the remote planet of Batuu. Your mission begins here in a spaceport, where the 110-foot Falcon will start its engines and vent thrust gases while docked nearby in a maintenance bay.

The queue takes you into Ohnaka Transport Solutions, where you’ll see communication equipment and cargo containers full of Storm Trooper armor. Eventually you’ll make your way up to a second-story switchback on a catwalk. There you’ll see, “an animated blaster-riddled starship engine suspended from the ceiling” glowing red. As you weave through the queue, keep an ear out for the Ohnaka workers. You’ll also be able to see the Millennium Falcon from several different angles while waiting to board.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Photo by Joshua Sudock, Disney Parks)

Time for your mission! You’ll receive the details for your smuggling mission from an animatronic of the dreadlocked space pirate, Hondo Ohnaka and his droid R5P8. Hondo is voiced by Disney legend Jim Cummings, who voiced the character in the Star Wars series (he’s also the voice of Winnie the Pooh, as well as many other Disney and Star Wars characters). The droid keeps everyone on schedule and fixes equipment in the command center. Then, you’ll see the Falcon hover behind them on a video screen.

The chess room (Photo by Joshua Sudock, Disney Parks)

Smugglers (you) will then wait to board in the Main Room of the ship, where they can play hologram chess (Remember: “Let the Wookiee win!”) and take photos while waiting for Hondo to dole out pre-flight instructions and assignments. He does so via monitor, and now it’s time to jump into the cockpit!

Six riders get into the cockpit — two pilots in the front, two gunners in the middle, and two engineers in the back. This is very interactive as switches, levers, and buttons make sounds when activated. The hangar bay is seen outside your windows, and it’s time for your mission.

An artist’s conception of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (Courtesy of Disney Parks)

While the sneak peek didn’t actually allow riders to test out the Millennium Falcon in flight, it is known that you will be battling First Order TIE Fighters. And don’t forget, there are different outcomes of the mission based on how well your team works together against the enemy.

From Entertainment Weekly’s sneak peek, we also learned that after the mission, you’ll return to Batuu and disembark — the Falcon will be “right where you left it.”

Millennium Falcon pictured under development for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. (Disney Parks)

And your skills as a smuggler can follow you throughout Galaxy’s Edge. Characters in locations such as Oga’s Cantina, may already know how well (or poorly) things went for you when you arrive for a “Yub Nub” cocktail.

So there you have it!  All the details (for now) about the attraction that puts you aboard “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.” Are you ready to “Punch It?!”

What do you think — are you excited for Smugglers Run? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Is this “ride” going to be a simulator like Star Tours, or a more thrilling one like Mission:SPACE? And it seems like with only 6 passengers it will need MANY different stations for guests.