Get the 411 On This Disney App Before Galaxy’s Edge Opens

When all of the news of and details about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge were released in late-February, one item that might have been overlooked was the role the Play Disney Parks App will have in the experience.

Plays Disney Parks App ©Disney

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge promises to be the most immersive and interactive experience we have ever had in a Disney park or land. We now know the Play Disney Parks App will be integral to fully enjoying the lands – but what is the Play Disney Parks App?

The Play Disney Parks App was launched on June 30, 2018 for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At that time the app offered four items:

  • Interactive experiences in the queue for select rides
  • Disney Parks and beyond trivia
  • Achievements
  • Music playlists

After you download the App you sign in with your Disney account. When you have done this you open up all of the capabilities of the App.

Plays Disney Parks App ©Disney

Since June 30, the App has added seasonal and special music playlists including a playlist for the holidays and one honoring the Sherman Brothers.

We have also seen holiday overlays and special achievements added to the App. Achievements are earned by attending special events, entering parks, or riding select attractions.

Play Disney Parks App Updated for the Holidays ©Disney

We’ve even seen merchandising get in on the Play Disney Parks App action. You can now purchase pins that match an achievement badge in the App once you earn it.

Plays Disney Parks App ©Disney

Disneyland has seen a little more immersiveness and interactivity added to the App with the Fortune Telling and Stories that were introduced last year. Little did we know at that time that these were a sneak peek at what is to come in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Play Disney Parks App Fortune Telling Additions ©Disney

What the Play Disney Parks App will do in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We have learned that when we enter the planet Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge the Play Disney Parks App will “transform” into a Star Wars Datapad. After that transformation the App/Datapad will do four things:

  • Translate Signs, Encryption, and Conversations
  • Tune in to Broadcasts
  • Allow us to Assist the First Order or the Resistance
  • Find a Job

Translate Signs, Encryption, and Conversations

Our Datapads will translate the Star Wars language of Aurebesh into English. This will help us read the signs in the land, labels on crates, posters and postings on walls, and even eavesdrop on conversations between characters walking around the land.

This function will play an important part in our understanding of, and experience on, the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance attractions As we are in the queue there will be signs and posters in Aurebesh explaining the ride and the role we will play in completing the mission we are about to embark on. The Datapad will either translate these directly or we will need to complete puzzles to unlock a translation key to then translate the signs and posters.

AT-AT Walkers in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ©Disney

Tune in to Broadcasts

Those of us with a keen eye will notice a large number of antennas around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. These antennas are transmitting broadcasts and communications between the Resistance, First Order, and other underworld gangs.

Occasionally, we night hear what sounds like “gibberish” – it isn’t though! It’s a coded message that our Datapad will help us translate so we can listen in on the secret transmission.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ©Disney

Allow us to Assist the First Order or the Resistance

The story goes that when the First Order arrived in Batuu they installed a surveillance system to monitor the Resistance. We will see the surveillance boxes around the land. After solving a simple puzzle on our Datapad we can hack into the surveillance box and either disable it to help the Resistance, or re-activate it to help the First Order. Which side will you help?

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ©Disney

Find a Job

Since the Datapad helps us drop in on conversations, read signs, and more we’ll know who is looking for assistance and we’ll be able to then help them out. Another way we can offer aid is by finding a job on the Job Board in the Datapad.

The Job Board could help us learn if Hondo Ohnaka, who runs the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride, needs help getting his hands on the schematic for a First Order ship, or more.

We can take one job for “our side”, or even two jobs to play the sides against each other – or even choose to help a rogue gang. The choice will be ours!

Earning Points and Rewards.

During our visits to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge we will be earning points and rewards in the App. However, this is not the main purpose of the App – the main purpose is to enhance our experience and increase our engagement in the land.

We do not need to feel pressure to complete everything in one day, either — jobs and missions can be carried out over multiple visits or days.

Opting In/Out of Interactivity

We know this level of interactivity and focus on a phone is not everyone’s cup of tea. So does Disney. The Play Disney Parks App, interactivity, and immersiveness are not mandatory to enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – they simply enhance the experience.

We will be able to opt in/out of the interactivity, as well as choose the level of involvement we have with the App/Datapad. We can also play as a group on one device or individually on our own personal phones or devices. Groups can use one device by assigning individual roles to each person in the group.

Have you downloaded the Play Disney Parks App and used it yet? Will you be opting in or out of the interactivity in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t know how much I want to interact on my phone for my first visit. I’ll have four hours to build a droid, fly the Falcon, eat something, drink something and buy a ton of goodies. But, I already have the app and I think translating signs and evesdropping on conversations would add a lot to what I’m sure will be an AWESOME experience!! I also like that your history follows you from visit to visit. Being an AP, we go all the time and I’m excited to see if my mission failures (yes, I’m expecting that to happen) brand me and what it will take to redeem myself.