New! No Smoking or Vaping Policy Changes at Disney World and Disneyland!

Disney announced today that beginning May 1, 2019, “smoking areas will no longer be present” inside Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or Downtown Disney in California.

This means that the smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapor or smoke (vaping) is allowed only in designated areas. These outdoor smoking areas will be available outside the entrances of Disney’s domestic theme parks, water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District as well as at Disney Springs in Florida.

For guests who have room or dining reservations, smoking areas are also available at Disney Resort hotels. Request location information upon check-in.

Note that this policy includes smoking in any Disney hotel rooms, on patios or balconies.

If you’re found to have been smoking in your Disney hotel room or on the balcony or patio, a US $250 to US $500 room recovery fee plus tax (based on the Disney Resort hotel and room type) will be charged to cover the costs of cleaning and restoring the room to a smoke-free condition.

Disney says that this change of policy is to “provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits.”

Does this change in policy affect you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Debra Martin Koma wrote about food, travel and lifestyle issues for a number of local and national publications before she fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit — when she was 34! She's returned to her Laughing Place more times than she can count in the ensuing years, and enthusiastically shares her passion with readers of AllEars.Net and AllEars®. Deb also co-authored (along with Deb Wills) PassPorter's Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, a travel guide designed for all travelers to Walt Disney World who may require special attention, from special diets to mobility issues.

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115 Replies to “New! No Smoking or Vaping Policy Changes at Disney World and Disneyland!”

  1. This is a late addition to this change but as I’ve been a annual guest since 2001 and a smoker there are a few things I’d like to say. There are & were many areas in all of the parks that are not your typical walk thru areas & worked or would work for smoking areas. Every year there were less & less smoking areas and now they are out of the parks. Kids with parents that smoke are drug in & out all day long where it used to be a quick stop on the way to the next attraction. If “Disney” truly cared about ALL of their guests, ALL would be accommodated not just the non smokers! Walt created all of this for families not just the almighty dollar. Sadly, greed has taken over the magic.

  2. Had planned for a family of six people to come to Walt Disney world and have now canceled the trip. Two of the family members are smoking in the new policy would cost stress on them so we are going elsewhere.

  3. I am a former smoker that visited Disney World with my son since my husband passed away. My son is a smoker and we used to go over to the designated smoking areas in the parks so he could have his cigarette when he needed to. Now that there are no smoking areas in the parks my son stated he will not go to Disney World again as it would be too inconvenient for him to have to go outside the parks to have his cigarettes which means now I wont be going. I am really upset that Disney changed there rules after how many years they’ve been open?- I hope they lose their shirts with other visitors not wanting to go since the change.!!!

  4. I am also a non smoker,but will be going with my partner that is. We were planning on doing 2 days in Disney parks, but because of this new policy, it will be reduced to one day at WDW. I have read the comments on how the 2nd hand smoke drifts out of the designated areas to the “non smoking” areas. I find this ridiculous, as all of the smoke I have seen outdoors travels upward. This, I’m sure will be the last trip to the WDW parks. Last time we were there, people that had too much to drink were stumbling and sloshing their drinks all over. This time, I’ll be looking out for those people and letting someone know they need their drinks cut off. I also have a novel idea for those with the strollers, why doesn’t WDW make it enjoyable for “all” guests by putting in a “stroller lane” where you don’t have to jump out of the way of a “stroller mom” intent on you moving out of their way, or getting run down.

  5. The new WDW smoking and vaping ban does nothing to ensure a pleasant experience for smokers and vapors. The designated smoking areas were crowded with us vapors and the smokers.
    Nonsmokers and non vapors don’t have to enter smoking areas. They willingly chose to.
    All WDW guests should be afforded the right of enjoyment, Not just a handful of the so-called do gooders.

  6. We went to walt disney world last year , paid a ton of money to go and the wait times were so long we weren’t able to go on one ride – forget about the no smoking and vaping and focus on the real problem and have mac capacity for your guests. The ceo needs to take a course from the universal studios ceo. What a joke this place is.

  7. I have visited Disney more than 25 times. NO MORE. The policy is ridiculous. And as far as “walking through cloulds of smoke” and the second hand argument, maybe you should test the air quality at the transit and bus station, I am certain you would find standing in those lines far more toxic than walking by a designated smoking area.

  8. Ive already put my 2 cents worth in i know what il be doin nicotine patch all the way to hopefully take the edge off but they will prob ban them soon aswell

  9. I can see just one issue with this new policy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a smoker but a few people in my family, work, as well as friends do. So I’ve gotten used to it to the point that I don’t even notice. Now with that being said, the one thing that I have noticed in/around establishments that don’t allow any smoking is, cigarette butts sporadically laying on the ground due to the absence of a place for people to dispose of them properly. Just because someone says “No smoking” doesn’t mean that every smoker in WDW is just gonna “poof” become a non-smoker. They’re still gonna smoke, maybe not as much, but they will, and there will be no ashtrays or designated areas to throw the butts out. They will just make their way to the ground causing another complaint that Disney will try and address. I go to Disney 2-3 times a year and those that are similar can tell you that this problem has already started when they moved the smoking locations to different areas or gone altogether. For those that fit into this category, I understand, but please keep in mind that it wasn’t us that made the rule, so let’s all keep WDW clean and welcoming. Thank you

  10. It’s better for those that have allergic reactions to vaping fumes and tobacco. So this will allow my family to attend more.

  11. I am so happy to see the number of people who are cancelling their trips! Maybe when I go in October the crowds will be less! The path next to the castle was the worst. I had to hold my breath whenever I walked through. Thank you Disney for making the parks smoke free.

    1. I am not a smoker nor have I ever smoked and do not like being near the smoke at all but I do not agree with banning smoking inside the parks. I would not like smoke everywhere but see no problem with it being allowed in select areas. It is shocking that smokers are expected to exit the park to smoke. It is ridiculous. I would have thought Disney needed to add additional smoking areas. This policy will not create a more enjoyable experience for people that smoke or people that travel with smokers. Vaping had become a problem with people vaping everywhere. They should have also been given a select area as well. Smokers do not affect my experience if they are in the smoking area. I have never been affected by smoke unless I walked into the smoking area by accident and then I simply left the area. Disney is expanding alcohol sales at the parks yet I have seen intoxicated people and even people vomiting in the middle of a walkway which is a lot more of an issue than a polite smoker. I am a huge Disney fan and find this change very disappointing.

      1. Thank you. If the can build roller coasters. Then they can build non smoking areas in the parks with ways to pull the smoke out. They keep raising prices and don’t realize slot of their guests are smokers.

  12. Since Disney has declared war on smokers…I have a few suggestions of my own I would like to submit respectively. The restriction of cell phone usage while walking about the parks…Countless users seem oblivious to their surroundings creating hazards for those that use proper cell phone etiquette..suggesting a “cell phone usage zone. As dangerous as we smokers are…the consumption of alcoholic beverages on Disney park property creates an extreme hazard and suggest sobriety checkpoints throughout the park. These individuals will be escorted out of the park, unable to return until able to recite the alphabet backward…

  13. We had a tradition of going to Disney World every odd year. My wife and I are now going to cancel our $8K trip and go to Universal Instead. Their prices are outrageous now so due to that and “No Smoking” policy it will no longer be worth it. It’s their right but I am a consumer and now boycotting Disney World and all of their stores. Yes I know smoking is bad for your health but that is my business.

    1. I agree Joesph I have been going to Disney almost every year since I was 17 and now 44 and boycotting Disney is my next move. I feel that with the amount of money that Disney makes on it’s Billion dollar movies they could set up stations that suck the smoke and recycle it to clean. It was all a set up from the start I’ve noticed that the number of smoking spots allowed in parks have gone down every year to the point of magic kingdom having only two places to smoke, which of course is going to make it look 10x worse than it should if you would have kept at least 4 spots in the park to smoke one in each corner. With only two places to smoke you will have 20-30 people smoking but if there were 4 that number would probably be less then 10. Like I said it was all done to make it look worse than it should have to get the non-smokers complaining more about it. If you are smoking in the park and are caught smoking are they gonna ban you for life, lose your day at the park?? It’s not a good business move by eliminating your customers??? Like I said I will be going to Universal and giving them my 10gs every year, it’s disappointing that Disney did not do something more with all the money they have.

  14. Can’t believe they are doing this, yes this will change my traveling habits, I am a respectfull smoker, I went to the designated areas, even the ones that made you feel like a second grade tourist, I have been traveling to Disney orlando for 12 years,,maybe it’s time I give Harry Potter a chance.. so sad, they can do what they want, the parks will be full anyway, so why bother with us. They can’t make money with smokers,,, but drinkers !!!!!!

  15. I have been going to Disney since 1980. I have never smoked in a line or in a group of people long before it became policy. As a smoker I have no problem being tucked away under a bush. I have meet some really nice people from around the World in the smoking area and we have shared tips. I think discriminating against smokers will turn out to be a disaster. I will not be returning to Disney until such time as they re-instate designating smoking areas in the Park. People will continue to smoke and hope they don’t get caught leaving their “butts” all over the place.

  16. From the WDW rule changes FAQ: “Where can guests with disabilities find more information on the rule and policy updates?
    Nothing has changed about how we make accommodations for guests with disabilities. ” ………….. What does that mean in reference to this subject?

  17. Disney has the right to make any decision they want. I certainly have no argument to the contrary. I however will wait and see if the policy remains in place for our October trip. If it’s still in effect as I approach my deadline for a full refund, I plan on canceling. Stay tuned, people who have not been able to get the ADRs of their choice, they just might open up for you. I refuse to give them a dime of my money if I have to go outside of the park to smoke a cigarette.

    And Ken, everyone knows your opinion by now. Back on out, you’re just being redundant.

    1. Chill, it’s just a forum. No smokers were harmed in the posting of my comments.

      “Back on out.” That’s what Disney is going to tell all the smokers who light up in the parks after May 1st.

  18. I just booked a $15k trip for 7 first class style for 1st week of June. Been to WDW 500 or so times since it opened when I was a kid and have taken my kids there 2-3 times a year since. Always smoked in the designated areas and used the ashtrays. Just heard this news and will likely cancel. Its an insult and the cost is unjustifyable if I am going to spend my money and time being harassed for taking a smoke break to this extent. Snowflakes in the boardroom run amok. BTW, I don’t drink and booze in the parks has run amok and is a much bigger problem.

    1. 50 times, not 500. Regardless, we’ve spent a boatload of money and I and my family were some of their best customers.

  19. I have been going to Disney for more than 20 years, and in that time the number of designated smoking areas have dwindled down, but I didn’t think the parks would become non smoking. The designated areas are tucked in the back, and for goodness sake its outside and in an area where no one has to walk thru it. I have always followed the rules and went to the smoking areas and used provided ash trays, but if there were guests walking around smoking where were the CM’s ?? Shouldn’t they have enforced the no smoking except in designated areas? This makes me angry that my money is ok to spend at Disney but heaven forbid I smoke in the park. Since Disney wants to “provide a more enjoyable experience” for their guests maybe that means they are also going to do something about the loud, obnoxious, people stumbling around that had to too much drink. That’s ok, but you cant smoke in a designated area – really??? I don’t think this is what Walt had in mind when he started his parks.

    1. In the last 20 years the number of blockbuster movie stores has also dwindled down. It happens.

      I never thought Disney would scrap the World of Motion, Horizons, Mr.Toads Wild Adventure, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Penny Arcade, If You Had Wings, the Skyway, Double Decker buses, Maelstrom, catastrophe Canyon, the Great Movie Ride, Osborne Lights, Mission to the Moon, etc., etc., etc. But we deal with it and move on. It’s notmthe end of the (Disney) world.

      1. It is for many smokers, who will not pay to go to those parks now. It will not be an enjoyaboe experience for them, it will be miserable and a waste of money.

  20. Notice of the many dozens of comments, that not one smoker has said that they will try to kick their habit, or put it aside for a few days to comply with the new smoking ban. Many health and psychological professionals believe that nicotine addiction is the most powerful addiction there is. I think we are seeing evidence of that right here. It’s very sad.

    1. People, its not an issue of us smokers refusing to quit for a few days lol! The issue is we “smokers” are being singled out! Why ban it if we are following the rules and regulations? What I find funny is that Walt Disney himself was a smoker, so why hate? I honestly do not think its a matter of principles….

      The real reason Disney is banning smokers is shown in statics. Families who smoke statistically make less money annually than non-smokers. C’mon people, dont fall for this trap. Once all the bans take affect (not just smoking ban, but also stroller policy and no ice policy), I am sure the admission prices will go up to tailor these upper income “nonsmoking” families.

      No worries, my family and I equally enjoy going to Universal Studios, Bush Gardens- #boycottdisney.

      1. I’ve always said that Disney is remodeling their business to attract higher paying customers. You Just might be right on the smoking thing. But, not getting how banning ice and strollers is attracting the rich and famous.

        And, I predict that universal will soon follow Disney’s lead on the smoking ban. Especially if all the Disney smokers descend on the place.

      2. I agree with you Barbara. But the real issue is Disney doing more social engineering. I’m sick of it, as it is, the smoking areas in the park we’re so far away and hidden. We dealt with it, but this is insane. If they are so worried about making it more enjoyable for guest, then I propose banning the fireworks. So many children are afraid of the noise, so that’s not enjoyable, but really, banning fireworks would be so much more enjoyable for guests who have asthma and other breathing problems, the smoke from the fireworks travels across the park and lingers especially when it is very humid, which is most of the time. I’m done with Disney! We have been going there since 1973 taking our kids and grandkids. No more Disney, we will go to Universal! Buy stock in Universal, it is going to sky rocket! Here’s a tip to smokers who still go to Disney….bring lots of gum and deposit it on the sidewalk. Maybe then they will see the smokers were not so bad,

    2. Ken, this isn’t about tobacco. It’s about medicine. Edibles seem to be the only answer now. My health care provider prescribed mine.

  21. Got news for you! The magic of Disney sad to say left long ago. As someone who has visited Disneyland since the 1950s I have watched the crowds swell til you cant walk down Main St the lines for rides increase to sometimes hour and a half to 2 hour waits and the prices become astronomical. All about greed. Save your money and cherish the memories of when it was truly…. Magical

    1. Every business strives to make the maximum profit possible while still maintaining or growing customers. Its how capitalism works. And Disney does it as well as anyone else. Why would they ever even consider reducing what they charge when their customer base is increasing. And those owning Disney stock aren’t complaining. As Gordon Gecko said, “greed is good”.

    1. Correct. The high cost of Disney is going to drive the rest of us to start smoking to calm our nerves.

      They should turn all of the smoking areas into Spending Free areas where people can hang out for awhile at WDW without being charged anything.

  22. DISNEY SAID —> “provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits.”


    1. I agree. Although I am a former smoker I don’t believe that they should get rid of designated areas inside of the parks. They are marked and non-smokers don’t have to go there. Time for a PETITION

  23. I have been going to walt Disney world for 26 years. I go for 17 days which is a ton of money..Probably 10,000$ each time. They have never given me anything. Their point system on the Disney credit card is 10$ on every 1000$. So now be herded outside for smoking and vaping is horrible to me. My money was good enough all these years and to be treated like this is an insult. It’s designated where to smoke or vape away from everyone..Plus during EPCOT food and wine tastings..Are you kidding me..I feel smokers and vapers should boycott Disney and go to Universal studios where we will be appreciated..This will probably be my last year because we shouldn’t be treated like this. We should spend our hard earned money on places that value us. Not make our vacations miserable I could stay at work for that.

    1. I feel the same. Apparently they are looking to push us out so that more very high income people will take our place. And they can say they are smoke free. No one who hasn’t went already will come for that reason but it makes them look good in their mind. Heartbreaking for me…

      1. I am not pleased with this All the designated smoking areas at WDW r off the beaten path (hell they r hard to even find) If people can walk with alcohol in park smokers should have a small spot I called Disney and complained U should too

        1. Disney’s complaint file cabinet looks a lot like a shredder on top of a trash can.

          Name one thing Disney has restored because people complained. The only thing I can think of is they put figment back, although in a very token way.

    2. I wondering how I can get a refund on the annual pass I purchased in January since I will not be visiting the park anymore. They should leave it the way it is with a few smoking areas.

  24. I do not smoke, but have a friend who vapes, she pays the same as others and should have some rights! If need be make smoking areas further behind buildings or in a place with filtered exhaust fans! Some of the other things resort guests do offends me much more than smoking! (Ever hear of deodorant?!?!) Don’t go near the smoking areas of it bothers you! You are going to have some angry, yelling parents and people who are craving a smoke!!! RIDICULOUS! THIS COUNTRY IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL TRYING TO APPEASE CERTAIN PEOPLE!!!

    1. But inhaling cigarette smoke is called secondhand smoke and it can be just as damaging (cancer-causing) as actually smoking a cigarette. Smelling people who don’t wear deodorant isn’t going to cause negative effects on your body.

      And it’s impossible for people to not “go near the smoking areas if it bothers you” because even if people smoke where they’re supposed to, the smoke still blows to other areas in the park. And there are some smoking areas that are much too close to ride entrances/exits.

      1. Have you seen where they put the new smoking areas? Sorry to inform you, but you are still going to have to walk past them – once going into the parks, and once coming out. The solution was not removing them from the parks. For a company with some really smart, creative people, they didn’t put much thought into the old inside-the-parks smoking areas. If they did, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    2. This sounds very much like drug withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine that EVERYONE knows is a ADDICTION. Others should not be punished because you can’t stop yourself from lighting up for a few hours without getting very angry.

      1. Have you never noticed how many hot, frustrated people get angry already? Add the fact that they can’t have what calms them down, would aggravate it. I agree they could move the area to a more secluded spot, but you can’t punish people because they picked up a bad habit as a teenager! Walt Disney had this addiction, would you kick him out of WDW?

        1. After May 1st, yes I would kick walt out of Disney World for smoking.

          And my parents sure punished my sister when they caught her smoking as a teen. “Grounded for life! “ What does that even mean?

  25. Argue all you want about Disney mAking you unhappy that they banned smoking and argue all you want about how it was a dumb move. But quit telling us about your rights. Disney has the constitutional right to ban smoking in their establishments. Nobody has an unconditional absolute right to enter WDW and do as they please.

    1. Dumb move by Disney… I’m not a smoker, so removing the smoking areas makes it a free for all and folks will be firing up anywhere and everywhere. Cast members aren’t allowed to confront… so you have one more boneheaded rule that cannot be enforced… until someone comes up with the idea to create designated smoking areas…duh (queue the circus music)

  26. It is unfair to target the smokers when the areas for the smokers are away from the general public in all my years the target Has been the smokers giving up areas to smoke at, never the people who drink Walt would be very upset with this decision he was also a smoker and wanted everyone to enjoy his vision of WDW no matter the age. I truly hope this decision is given more thought and consideration to those involved.

  27. I have been a platinum cardholder for 10 years. Walt Disney himself was a smoker and I don’t think he would want to be discriminated against like the smokers are being discriminated against now. The Disney I know was for equality and fairness and this does not seem fair at all.

    1. Mr. Disney DIED from health complications created from smoking. If smoking is so important to make yourselves sick and potentially others…you have the right to stay home and smoke all day.

  28. I have relative that I enjoy spending time with in Florida. When we visit, it’s a fabulous time. They are have shown loyalty to Disney at every level. This is why they chose to move there. Not only is it very entertaining for them weekly, but they also enjoy entertaining their guests from out of state. I am appalled that a company as big and resourceful as Disney pulled this card, especially without prior notice. I’m not a smoker but they are. Why are the designated smoking areas that are currently in place frowned upon? It’s theit right and choice. Is alcohol also going to be banned? Probably not since it’s a huge revenue booster. You shouldn’t discriminate against smokers! This is very upsetting!

  29. I hope the new smoking areas outside the park have many benches and ashtrays and a roof from the sun and rain. Maybe a fan to point the smoke in the right direction! I would install large smoking huts like gazebos to look nice. Smoking areas are often just an ashtray but we need a place to relax just like non-smokers.

  30. Of all of the things Disney has done that you would think would drive people to give up Disney and walk away (increase ticket and hotel prices, massive crowds, slow transportation, dirty parks, etc., etc., etc.) , they never do. They just keep on coming.

    Who would have ever thought that banning smoking would be the one thing that has people finally saying no more. Giving up one addiction for another more powerful addiction.

    1. It’s the final straw for many of us! I want to relax not walking around crabby and just waiting to leave so I can feel good and relaxed.

      1. What a poor argument. If all you need to function civily is your nicotine fix, buy some nicotine gum, or get a patch, to fill your drug need without imposing it on others. Smokers rights are not rights to trample on others.

  31. I re-sign up in Feb and in march they pull this. As a courtesy they should have instructed their employees to say “please be advised that may 2019 there will no longer be smoking areas should this affect you”. I would not have signed up again like I have the last 5 years. Feel like they held off making announcement to collect as much money as they could and that was planned. Looks so obvious or why would they not give one year notice so people renewing would have had an option.

    1. Completely agree! I too am stuck with a vacation I no longer want and that is completely not fair considering how expensive it is!

  32. What gets me is that your in a smoking area minding your own business and non smokers just walk through waving the smoke away. They know where the smokers are and I believe they do it on purpose. But you can get intoxicated act like a jerk,jump over a person who is in a wheelchair(seen it happen)but that’s ok. Like someone said before it’s all about $$. Disney is getting very expensive to even go anymore.

    1. Could not agree more! What’s hysterical is that they are now making the designated areas at the entrances! The designated current locations are tucked away and if you want to avoid, you can- you can’t avoid the entrances!!! This is a completely unfair move to make and certainly not well thought out! Not to mention security is going to be a nightmare to go thru because of amount of people coming in & out!
      Think that a petition should go out to keep designated areas. Heck put them in a building with exhaust fans – casinos can do it, I’m sure Disney can too!

  33. I am thrilled with Disney’s decision and can’t wait for the day they ban smoking 100% from all areas. I find many of the current designated smoking areas to be intrusive and much too close to areas that are used for thru traffic. Don’t like it don’t come, or better yet quit. Your “right” to smoke? What about my right to not have to breath in your cancer cloud? Smoking is a choice you don’t have to make and the rest of us shouldn’t have to be exposed to it.

    1. I am NOT a smoker but I am on the side of the smokers. Does the Disney company think we’re stupid by saying “…to make a better experience for everyone”? It’s obvious it’s not for everyone, just for the nonsmokers. I feel awful for the ones who are smokers and have recently renewed their pass; they should retain a lawyer and sue.

  34. I understand not smoking in rooms and balconies, but inside the designated zones inside the park is a F$#! Up situation, they should build new zones far away but their necessary inside the parks, can you now see the people getting out and in, hope this is a temporary selfish thing of some executive that doesn’t smoke.
    Disney… this is not ok, and also the next time you pull the tck prices up, remember that in Shanghai you charge less and they have bigger attractions

  35. Part of me is thankful that I have two trips planned with my boyfriend this year (one to CA, one to FL) because after this, I’m sure he will NOT be returning to a Disney park. We leave in 4 weeks & its too late to get my money back on this one but we’ll see if he cancels on the Florida trip. I’m an avid non-smoker but he smokes & should have at least one place IN the parks where he can smoke. Making them go back & forth thru security & the turnstiles is just wrong in my opinion. The spots are far enough out of the way as it had been. You may have had rougue smokers before, the rude few but this will definitely make it worse. Even if a smoker can get in a few puffs for 30 seconds, it beats having to exit the park & fight the crowds to re-enter. The only good thing about our CA trip is that we’ll be park hopping a few times anyway so he can get his fix then. But he wasn’t thrilled about disney vacations before, this will be the end of him going 🙁

  36. so now us people that have always respected the smoking rules in designated areas will now not respect the rules either you think people smoking in non designated areas was a problem before I cant imagine how big of a problem it’s going to be now

    1. If they couldn’t control the rouge smokers before and enforce the designated areas how are they gonna do it now? No way people are gonna go all the way out and come back in. I was considering buying into DVC, not anymore, I am done with them!

  37. No smoking policies always say the same thing – to make the attraction more enjoyable for everyone! Do they pretend that it will make it more enjoyable for smokers? Or do smokers not count? I think we know the answer to that.

  38. Very unfair I feel the smoking areas are far enough away from people who don’t smoke or use e cigarettes.I know at some of the hotels smoking areas are a little to close to walk ways but can be relocated but most areas at the parks are far enough away. Our next trip to Disney world is planned for September and my brother and cousin are thinking of backing out of the trip. We have always been been respectful of the smoking rules and again find this very unfair

  39. I applaud this decision. Over the years, I have had many incidents with smokers who disregard the rules, including one individual during the MK afternoon parade who wouldn’t put out his cigarette until I threatened to call a cast member. He then “retaliated” by moving to block me any time I tried to take a photo. Another time, when my family was seated in an outdoor dining area, two smokers sat at the next table. When I politely asked them to stop or move, they came over and blew smoke at my family before moving on. It’s folks like this that have caused the new policy to be implemented — blame them.

    1. Like Angie said. You will see an increase in this by making it harder to reach designated smoking areas.

  40. That is a problem Disney has to address….Security should be telling Smokers to purt it out and refer to the Designated Smoking Areas.

  41. I think it is very unfair to the people who smoke. I am a non smoker but my husband does and he always followed the rules of smoking by the designated areas! Smokers pay the same for Disney as non smokers and taking away all the areas is wrong! They raise their prices and take away smokers designated areas!! We were planning to come down in May but I think that will be a game changer for my husband!!!!

  42. Disney is private property so they can do what they like. Smokers have alternatives like a patch or gum if they choose not to leave the park to get their fix. I and my family will be relieved and down right ecstatic to not have to walk through clouds of smoke (rogue or in designated areas) when I have paid so much money to enjoy a park. We have wanted this to happen for so long and so glad finally Disney is doing something about it. Always setting the bar high-way to go Dis! Walt would be proud. He was always ashamed of his smoking addiction and it took his life much too soon. Maybe Disney fans that are smokers will be inspired to finally quit their addiction and enjoy the parks with their families without this burden. One trip we went with a family member that was a smoker and they were always having to leave our group and get their fix. This person I love dearly and I hate to see people suffer like that. Not to mention but Think of all the money you can save for your next Disney vacay if you stopped buying tobacco products!

      1. They aren’t that secluded unfortunately. Non-smokers can smell them thirty feet away. (could be more, certainly debatable) The science of this is called “air movement.” (worth researching)
        Also the rogue smokers, who walk through the park with their “invisible” cigarettes create a cloud that even in its singularity is quite harmful to others. Doctors refer to these clouds as “second hand smoke.” (another good topic for some google fun)
        This new rule will make it easier for Disney employees to spot and throw those rogue smokers out of the park while the rest of the rule abiding smokers go to the appropriate area to smoke their cigarettes, away from others. Their choice being because they not only follow Disney rules but they actually care about not exposing children and other adults to their cigarette smoke despite their personal choice.

    1. Thank God the park had always been free to smokers. Wait a minute – they paid the same money as you. Should they not have equal rights to enjoy the park? Smoking areas are by design tucked away and there were only two in each enormous park. If you are offended, you are looking to be. Bigotry to some is fine until it happens to you.

      1. You are hilarious. Disney isn’t free for anyone silly. However when I come to the park I don’t exhale a toxic gas into other’s breathing space. Nobody around me is having their health put in jeopardy. You can’t put a price on good health. I think we can all agree on that, bigotry aside.
        I wish that I were so easily offended unfortunately I find the whole debate laughable.
        Disney has made this decision and its not really up to you or me. I never had a say before and now you don’t either.

    2. Walt was a chain smoker. Just sayin. Also – obviously you’ve never had an addiction and had to overcome it. Everyone has a right to be there and making it so uncomfortable for smokers is only going to narrow Disney’s demographic. So when you see the next rate increase come through – it’s going to be YOU making up the difference for all the smokers that Disney has now run off. BTW – i don’t smoke either. I DO however dislike strange dogs…. but now all the hotels I frequent have people with their pooches all over the place and I will probably get a room that has had a dog in it. Should I get on my soapbox about how the “fur babies” should be left at home? No, i just deal with it. Disney should be for everyone and if you are going to be that judgemental and picky, just stay home.

      1. Fun fact: Did you know most smokers only smoke about 1 cigarette a day? Guess what! That is enough to give you lung cancer. In fact, most people now-a-days don’t even need to smoke at all in their lives to get lung cancer. Terrible and shockingly true. It happens to lots of non-smokers because of all the environmental toxins in the air, one of which is second hand smoke.We may not be able to control every exposure to toxins in the air but we try to avoid second hand smoke because that is achievable.

        Facts aside (oops sorry can’t do it) cigarette smoke smells horrible to non-smokers because we don’t associate pleasure with it like addicts do. I go to Disney to smell the wonderful smells of the park (popcorn, cotton candy etc.) You could call that an addiction if you like and boy do I keep paying to come back haha.
        Some might be missing out on these smells from smoke damage to their noses. What a shame.
        However, children and adults who have respiratory diseases and allergies to smoke will immediately feel the effect of breathing second hand smoke. I feel really bad for those that might not be able to even breathe without an inhaler or oxygen mask in the parks or heaven forbid go into an anaphylactic response (which isn’t a choice) because of the choices of others to feed their addiction.
        Who am I kidding though with all this information?? It is 2019 and we have known about ills of cigarette smoke and addiction for more than half a century. Unless you’ve been living under a rock. 😀
        Now back to you and your nonjudgemental lifestyle (which I am so desperate to know more about) when you see a dog in said hotel, do you stop being able to breathe? Gosh I hope not, that would be tragic.
        The struggle of others and their strength to overcome is never so obvious to the ignorant. Don’t you agree.
        Oh shoot I left my soap box at home. That’s okay, Disney has me covered, they rent them out now for 150 bucks a day.
        See you at the parks everybody!!

  43. Well I guess I will never see WDW again. But let them drink or curse and all is okay. I have only smoked in designated areas. Very insulted and hurt.

  44. I have always been a respectful “smoker”,Stay FAR away from others, always in the designated areas didn’t leave a butt on ground. You can visit any park and drink as MUCH alcohol as you want, drive home etc. More booze items than food offered. Really? Nice. As a disabled adult as well. Am disgusted with push on alcohol, sloppy drinking, public displays with kids! Has become all about $$. Icing on the cake. After a lifetime of Disney, I am done. Walt, they really messed up. RIP

  45. I am a non smoker and I happen to think that smokers also have rights and pay the same amount for a ticket as everyone else so their rights should not be affected. As it stands now they are secluded from everyone when they smoke.

    1. There is no “right” to smoke. There also is no “right” to go to a theme park. In California marijuana is legal. Do I have a “right” to smoke pot in Disneyland?
      I understand that everyone here commenting has always followed the rules. But smoking is still a choice, as is going to Disney. If you don’t want to go to Disney because you can’t smoke in the parks, that is your prerogative. If they suddenly banned alcohol in the parks, I would be like WTF? And then it would be my choice whether I went or not. It would be silly to think that Disney was taking away my “right” to drink.

  46. I have been a Disney Passholder for 20 years….and I know WDW has had designated smoking areas in that time….the problem is that people don’t care and continue to smoke in any place they think no one can see them or any where, they just don’t care that smoke affects everyone…so you can blame those people for the drastic changes made by Disney…can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

    1. I dont blame the people, I blame Disney for never enforcing anything. All this is going to do it fill the restrooms with smoke, and other areas that may not have been as secluded as the designated areas. Yes, people wondered and smoked, but CMs, who are everywhere, should have told them to put it out. Now you will have people lighting up anywhere and throwing their cigs on the ground instead of an ashtray. Good luck getting a smoker who just ate a buffet dinner at Crystal Palace, to go all the way out of the park for a cigerette! ahahaha!! And in October when the Europeans show up in droves, try telling them to stop smoking for 2 – 3 weeks! I wont even comment on the bar areas at the waterparks…

  47. I agree with everything you wrote. I feel exactly the same way. The smoking at the hotels needs to be away from areas people have to pass through.

  48. I am really excited about this new policy, as I have a hard time breathing when the air is dense (for any reason, not just from smokers, but also from really strong scents, low air quality, or even in a dense fog). While I would never want to step on the rights of others, and feel that those who choose to smoke or vape should be allowed to when they want to, I appreciate Disney stepping in and removing these areas from the parks, although honestly I would have been just as happy if they had relocated them to the back corners of the parks, or areas of the parks that have no attractions, that way they wouldnt need to exit the park if they wanted to smoke, but also would not be affecting other guests as well. My only concern is where are they going to put these new areas outside of the entrances? Please tell me we will not be walking through clouds of smoke on our way to the entrance from the busses or the trams/monorails/boats/etc. Some of the hotels are just as bad, take Pop Century for example. When I walk to my room from the main lobby, I always have to walk right through a cloud of smoke, which usually sets off my asthma. There has to be better places to put these locations for the smoking guests to use, that is out of the way of everyone else!

    1. Appreciate your candor but.. there are 2 or 3 smoking areas in the parks. They are way off the beaten path and honestly, an effort to even get to. I agree, a few could have been moved to a “better” area. I get away from others in designated area, clean up remnants. As a older Mom, I would think folks would be concerned with the addition of SO much alcohol at the parks. The ques during Art Festival and such actually offer more alcohol than food items. I was really disappointed at Magic Kingdom recently with parents pushing strollers while their beer and such was slopping out on the ground. Many leave the parks after drinking all day and drive home, kids and all. This just sets the tone throughout and I find it unnecessary and not at all the atmosphere Walt Disney would have wanted. Recently pointed out to me- nothing but ride,gift shop,food, repeat. Vegetation “trimming” allows all to see what was once the REAL MAGIC. Stuff in new resorts between others, this is not the Disney I grew up to love and shared with my children. I am DEEPLY saddened to see the magic disappear. It’s more than the smoking here. It’s the whole picture. Prices, quality of products have plummeted. I would not suggest others to spend the thousands required for a week long stay anymore. It’s astronomical compared to a mere four years ago. So very sad indeed.

    2. The smoking ban will be a nightmare. With people having to wait in line to reenter the park in order to smoke- people will start smoking everywhere. Many people already do. I predict an out of the way in park area will be added back in a year or so after they get tired of picking up butts all over the parks.

  49. Well that was bound to happen. My biggest complaint is people feeding the birds I’ve been a frequent visitor of Disney World and Disneyland since 1976 and I find the birds are getting extremely aggressive because people are feeding them.I saw a man feeding a large crane type bird part of his turkey leg. Really people are you just stupid.Maybe they should start fining these people also.

    1. I think the worst thing is not having a vape area inside the parks. Many of us former smokers got off cigarettes by vaping (and not huge billowing clouds of vape but regular vapes). Vapes produce water vapor, often with scent, not smoke. Why stick people who vape all the way outside? Seems like if they had turned the former out of the way smoking areas into vaping areas they could’ve helped smokers out by letting them take the edge off with vapes and still been away from others.