NEW Gran Destino Tower Debuts at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

The day has finally come that we can take a step inside Coronado Springs Resort’s newest addition, the Gran Destino Tower.

Gran Destino Tower

We have waited two years since Disney officially announced the project to see inside and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Gran Destino Tower gets its name from the animated film Destino, a surrealistic short that started out as a collaboration between Walt Disney and Spanish artist Salvador Dali in 1945. Due to budgetary constraints during wartime, the project was shelved, but was eventually resurrected and released in 2003. The influence of this short film can be seen and felt throughout the new Tower.

Gran Destino Tower adds 545 NEW guest rooms to Coronado Springs. This includes 50 suites, two of which are known as “Presidential Suites.” The 50 suites also include 44 deluxe suites and 4 king rooms.

Read more about the room offerings and take a peek inside our Gran Destino Tower Standard Room here!

We’ve also shared photos from a Deluxe Suite here!

The Exterior of Gran Destino Tower

The location feels very tropical thanks to the palm trees and grasses. In keeping with the look of the existing Coronado Springs Resort, the colors are very neutral with creams and tans.

Gran Destino Tower

There is quite a juxtaposition between the smooth exterior and the hard metal details featured on the front of the tower.

Gran Destino Tower port-cochere

The Gran Destino Lobby

Now, let’s take a step inside of the lobby for the very first time!

Gran Destino Tower

According to Disney, the transformation of Coronado Springs and the new Gran Destino tower have been inspired by “the adventurous spirit of great Spanish explorers and historic innovative Spanish artists, writers, and architects.” And we really think this inspiration shines through within the details and architecture of the Tower.

Gran Destino Lobby
Gran Destino Lobby

The two-story lobby area now serves as the main entrance point for resort guests staying in the tower and elsewhere at Coronado Springs.

Looking down from the top floor of the two-story lobby at Gran Destino Tower


Looking up from the lower floor of the two-story lobby at Gran Destino Tower


If you are not staying inside the actual tower, bell services will be there to assist with your luggage. You also have the ability to simply drive over with your things.

The lobby features tons of seating areas and multiple locations to charge your phone.

Gran Destino Tower Lobby

Many of the charging stations include USB ports.

Gran Destino Tower Lobby

Different sections of the lobby incorporate the various design elements. Note the charging ports on each of the seats below!

Gran Destino Tower Lobby

Throughout the tower, you will spot vibrant colors and the use of shapes to create a more unique and Spanish-inspired vibe.

Gran Destino Lobby
Gran Destino Tower Lobby

The moderate resort feels much more like a deluxe thanks to all the intricate and sophisticated details.

Gran Destino Bell Services
Gran Destino Children’s Waiting Area
Gran Destino Refreshment Station

Downstairs you will find the Barcelona Lounge, which we will get a more detailed look at soon. You can take a look at the lounge menu here in the meantime.

Gran Destino Barcelona Lounge

The location offers coffee in the morning and cocktails the rest of the day.

Gran Destino Barcelona Lounge

The lower area has grand ceilings and beautiful structures.

Gran Destino Tower

Downstairs you will also find a 24-seat Board Room, perfect for meetings.

Gran Destino Board Room
Gran Destino Board Room

The Gran Destino Tower Gym

A new gym has also been built for the Gran Destino Tower. It features state-of-the-art equipment including Peloton-style bikes.

Gran Destino Fitness Center
Gran Destino Fitness Center
Gran Destino Fitness Center
Gran Destino Fitness Center

Outside of the fitness center you will find a small seating area.

Gran Destino Seating Area

Public Restrooms

The restrooms in the lobby were dimly lit, but we loved the detailing.

Gran Destino Restroom
Gran Destino Restroom
Gran Destino Restroom


There is incredible artwork throughout the Tower. Many pieces feature Walt Disney or a Hidden Mickey.

Gran Destino Tower Artwork
Gran Destino Tower Artwork featuring Walt Disney and Salvador Dali
Do you see the Hidden Mickey in this Gran Destino Tower Artwork?

Outside Gran Destino Tower

Outside you will find resort airline check-in and guest parking. 

Gran Destino Tower
Resort Airline Check-in

You will also find the Disney’s Magical Express pick up/drop off area.

Disney’s Magical Express

Speaking of bus stops, like every other Disney resort, there is a place to wait for resort transportation.

Gran Destino Bus Stop

These are now the main bus stops for Coronado el Centro and the Gran Destino Tower. 

Gran Destino Bus Stop

There’s even an indoor pathway that connects the tower to El Centro!

Gran Destino Tower covered walkway to El Centro
El Centro

Other than the Barcelona Lounge briefly mentioned above, the Tower also features two other new rooftop dining locations, Toleo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood, and the Dahlia Lounge. We will take a closer look at these locations a little later, but you can take a look at the Toledo Dinner Menu now.

Gran Destino Tower – Dahlia
Gran Destino Tower – Toledo

Chronos Lounge

Those staying in one of the Gran Destino Suites — which you can take a peek at here — will have access to the Chronos Club. 

Gran Destino Tower Chronos Club

The hours of operation are from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Gran Destino Tower – Chronos Club

The lounge will offer breakfast service, light bites and snacks, and appetizers in the evening. There will also be alcohol for adults.

Gran Destino Tower Chronos Club
Gran Destino Tower Chronos Club

We even spotted Mickey-shaped sugar cubes!

Gran Destino Tower – Chronos Club

The club was designed to be like your living room, so you will also find an assortment of games and magazines inside.

Gran Destino Tower – Chronos Club
Gran Destino Tower – Chronos Club

Those with Chronos Club access can also take advantage of Disney’s signature service planning.

Meetings & Event Space

Gran Destino Tower Meetings and Events

Coronado Springs has always been Disney World’s moderate convention hotel, which is why it has offered some services — such as a fitness center and beauty salon — that you don’t find in other moderate resorts.

It’s not surprising, then, that the Gran Destino Tower offers some meeting and event space, too.

This area can be blocked off when booked.

Gran Destino Tower Meetings and Events Area

The large meeting/event room can actually be broken down into three smaller rooms.

Gran Destino Meetings and Events Space

This can be used for events such as weddings, as well. And the outside plaza space is perfect for meetings or a reception.

Gran Destino Meetings and Events

Wow! So much to take in! We hope we’ve given you a good overview of this new Tower. We plan to have much more on the food and beverage locations and coming soon!

What do you think about the new Gran Destino Tower? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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6 Replies to “NEW Gran Destino Tower Debuts at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort”

  1. It’s great that you were able to offer these photos. Don’t you have more pictures from the rooms? The tower is very elegant. It even looks like a deluxe resort. The use of dark and earthy tones, along with red, brown, black and gold is very Mexican. The patterns, designs and shapes in the lobby, restaurants and bars seem unique to me.

  2. Looks beautiful! I like the uses of bright reds and rich blacks in the lobby to counteract the more basic color scheme found throughout Coronado Springs.

    1. Well, that certainly explains why the front desk clerk asked me to turn my head and cough and referred to my room rate as a co-pay. Good news, no hernia.