Big Changes Revealed for Epcot as Part of Its Transformation

We already know that Epcot is undergoing a MASSIVE transformation.

Epcot Entrance — Minus Leave a Legacy Photos

To prepare for all of this, we’ve learned that Disney is relocating, closing, and reimagining a number of locations.

These locations include Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella, Pin Central, the Character Spot, and more. So, let’s dive in and check them out together!

Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella which serves a multitude of dining options like salads, burgers, and more, is set to close this winter.

On its official website, Disney World states, “as part of the exciting transformation of Epcot, Electric Umbrella is scheduled to close this winter. New dining options will be available in the future.”


When viewing times on the website, we are not seeing details beyond November 24. Though Disney has not specified a date, it seems that November 23 may be Electric Umbrella’s last day of operation.


Mouse Gear

Mouse Gear is Epcot’s largest merchandise location. This space is FILLED with Disney souvenirs and other merch like t-shirts, ornaments, mugs, and more.

According to the Disney World website, “as part of the ongoing transformation of Epcot, Mouse Gear will move to a temporary home this winter while its current location is reimagined.”


Character Spot

Character Spot is a character meet and greet location inside of Epcot. On one side you can meet Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy. On the other, you can meet Joy, Sadness, and Baymax. This location “will temporarily close — beginning on September 8, 2019.”


But, the good news is that you will still be able to meet most of these characters throughout the park during this transformation! You can view the locations in the screenshot below.


Sounds like Pooh in particular will be getting his very own meet-and-greet location! It gives us a rumbly in our tumbly!

Pin Central

Pin Central will also be relocating during Epcot’s overhaul. It will “operate temporarily from a new location while refurbishment is underway.” The Camera Center will actually close becoming the new home for Pin Central. 


Fountain View, which happens to be the home of Epcot’s Starbucks location is also relocating. It will move to its temporary spot in late fall.


No word yet, though, on where that “temporary location” will be.

Club Cool

This one sort of breaks our heart because we think this may mean the end of free soda as we know it.

According to Disney, “the current location of Club Cool will close on September 8, 2019. Club Cool will reopen in a new capacity in a future merchandise location.”


We really wonder what “new capacity” can mean in this case!

What do you think about all of the changes coming to Epcot? Chat with us about them in the comments below! 


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7 Replies to “Big Changes Revealed for Epcot as Part of Its Transformation”

  1. I didn’t see a new location for Baymax on the list! Help! My grandsons want to meet Baymax as much, or more, than Mickey! Anyone know where he can be found? Thanks!

  2. With all these changes/closures, I wonder if the entrance to EPCOT will be revamp to go around the construction of what they are doing. I figure one of the things is revamping the fountain. It might be best to come in through the back of EPCOT where the countries are located. There are some changes there that were going on when we were there in May but hopefully that will be done by the time they start closing everything up front.

  3. I hope as part of the renovation of Mouse Gear, Disney gets rid of the stench of raw sewage that you smell walking in the store’s doors next to the fountain.

      1. Yes, they will make the experience extra magical. They will be adding a FP smelling area for the sewage along with an exclusive Dessert Party where you can enjoy your favorite store bought level desserts for just $89 per person while under the influence of the rich aroma of sewage. DVC and AP’s get a 10% discount of course! Scented candles will be available starting December 15.

  4. Hey Disney executives, stop changing everything, and constantly raising prices, nickel and diming your guests, there is nothing wrong with the spots in Epcot listed in this arricle let them be, and stop changing everything in every park.