Food Rocks Debuts in Epcot’s Land Pavillion March 26, 1994



Let’s step back in time 18 years ago when Food Rocks opened in the Land Pavilion. Food Rocks replaced the Kitchen Kaberet which opened with the Land but had become outdated.


The new show featured hip singers belting out classic tunes with lyrics revised to teach us about healthy food choices.

Let’s see how many of these hip singers you can name!







Need some help? Here are titles of some of the songs: Every Breath You Take; Good Nutrition, Tutti Frutii, Vegetables are Good for You, Let’s Exercise!

When you are finished, head over to our Epcot Archives,

You’ll find all the answers plus more photos including the other stars who performed in Food Rocks!

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12 Replies to “Food Rocks Debuts in Epcot’s Land Pavillion March 26, 1994”

  1. I think these were there names:

    -Food wrapper
    -refrigerator police
    -the peach boys
    -neal moussaka
    -pita gabriel
    -sole of rock and role

    Food Rocks was my absolute favorite attraction!I was 8 years old the first time I visited Epcot so I barely remember Kitchen Kabaret. The next time I was there I was 10 and Food Rocks was open. I instantly fell in love.

    Over time the theater would have less and less people in it and on more than one occasion my mom and I were the only ones watching. (Totally fine with us, that meant we could sing along without disturbing anyone else)
    I was saddened when it closed and to this day whenever I hear “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” I sing the Food Rocks lyrics instead. 😉

  2. I loved the food rocks. Seems to me like Disney has gotten less cheesey over the past 20 years. I loved the cheese! Cranium Command was my favorite I think.

  3. Food Rocks was so awesome but don’t forget Kitchen Kaberet that was also a awesome show.
    Maybe they should think on bringing something like them back.

  4. Thanks for the flashback! I used to love Food Rocks, still remember the songs from time to time. “We’re talking about good nutrition, it’s not just a superstition’ 🙂

  5. Regina, Food Rocks had a variety of performers, some real, others imitations. If memory serves Chubby Checker, Neil Sedaka, Little Richard and the Pointer Sisters actually sang their songs but The Police, Beach Boys, Cher & Peter Gabriel were imitated.

  6. I LOVED this show!! I was so sad when it closed. I looked forward to seeing it every time I went to Epcot. RIP Food Rocks and Wonders of Life Pavillion.

  7. I loved this show. Too bad they don’t bring it back. It was so cute and we all learned alot about good nutrition. Loved Mr. Broccoli at the end cha cha cha!

  8. Food Rocks was pretty awesome! We always considered it a hidden gem. My husband and I were never able to find out whether it was sound-alikes or the real artists doing the singing. Anyone know?