Magic Kingdom Maps reflect New Fantasyland

In addition to the soft opening of Phase I of Storybook Circus, new Magic Kingdom guidemaps hit the shelves.

These new maps feature Dumbo on the front:


The New Fantasyland Logo and attraction numbers for Dumbo, The Barnstormer, Walt Disney World Railroad, “coming soon” Casey Jr. Splash “N” Soak Station:


Finally, the description themselves:


No word yet on when the Splash and Soak area will open, but it must be soon.

Here is the entire Fantasyland portion of the guide map:


For more information on the soft opening of Storybook Circus read:
Deb’s Blog and Jack’s Blog.

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23 Replies to “Magic Kingdom Maps reflect New Fantasyland”

  1. We are going to MK in the end of May. What will be open in Fantasyland by then? Do you know? Thanks

    ALLEARS: The majority of the New Fantasyland is open. The only areas not open yet are the Princess Fairytale Hall (opening in 2013) and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (opening 2014).

  2. Hi. We are coming to Disney 10/31 – 11/5. Can you tell me what will be open In fantasyland? We are very excited. It will be my daughters birthday. Thanks!

    ALLEARS: Nothing will be OFFICIALLY open except for Storybook Circus.

  3. Hi,

    I’m going to be in WDW from Sept 18-24. I know the Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid attractions aren’t scheduled to be operating by then. Do you think those parts of Fantasyland will be kept behind construction walls until the attractions actually open, or is it possible we’ll at least be able to see some of the surrounding area by Sept? Cant wait!

  4. Hi, I’m taking my granddaughter to DisneyWorld at the end of June 2012, and have heard that the Princesses Fairytale Hall is now open. What do you know about this, and do you have any pictures of it?

    DEB: You can meet and greet the princess at the Town Square Theater (next to Tony’s restaurant). There are 2 lines – one for Mickey and one for the princesses. Get there early, because there tends to be a long line for the lovely ladies as the day goes on.

  5. Hi Deb,

    Do you have any more information on when the Be Our Guest restaurant will open?

    Do you expect a “soft opening” in the summer?

    Thanks for your help.

    DEB: No new information at this time. We will certainly post once we know something!

  6. Is there ANY chance that any more of new fantasyland will be open by the last week of august/ earliest week of september?

    Deb: Disney has not released any dates yet.

  7. Thanks for the updates on the New Dumbo ride and pics as that’s all my girls are talking about right now. They don’t know it but in 33 days will be there and hope to ride on it. Thanks again for all the great info and pics !!

  8. I guess Im kind of confused, it says a soft opening, Im going April 23rd. Will my kids be able to ride the Barnstormer?

    Deb: Soft opening means that the attraction/area has not officially opened yet. It is open to guests while the imagineers still tweek things. Because it is a soft opening, the attractions may or may not be operating at any given time. It is a way for Disney to test with actual guests and crowd flows and if things need to be shut down for a while, they can. Hope that made sense.

  9. Can you tel me what it’s in the location of the original Dumbo space ? A store? or a new attraction in project ?

    Deb: The Fantasyland expansion will take over the original Dumbo space. Not sure exactly what will be there, might be a walkway.

  10. we are planning our trip for November this year and I am wondering if you have any news if Belle and Ariel areas will be open? we worry about going and it not being complete! Also, any new pics? Thanks in advance.

    Deb: No new photographs at this point. The Belle area and the Be Our Guest Restaurant should be the next area to open this fall. Unclear with Ariel’s ride will open.

  11. Thinking about taking my 2 girls end of August do you think more will be opened by then in the new part of fantasyland. Thanks for all the great info and pictures.

    Deb: The only information Disney World has provided is “fall” and “later this year”.

  12. Outside the old Dumbo attraction there was an ’empty Dumbo’ where you could snap photos with Dumbo (East side of old ride on the tomorrow-land side) – did they retain/relocate this somewhere near the ‘new’ Dumbo? – Just curious – we had taken some photos here before and was wondering if we could do it again the first week of September 2012…any rumors or info you can provide about what will be open at that time would be appreciated.

    Deb: Right now there is no photo op Dumbo. However, the new Dumbo area if far from complete at this time. Still to come is Dumbo #2 and the interactive queue.

  13. just wondering if you know if a good portion of the fantasyland attractions will be open by the end of september 2012? I am taking my 3 year old for her first trip to WDW…

    Deb: The next phase of Fantasyland to open is scheduled for this fall and probably will be Belle’s area and the Be Our Guest restaurant.

  14. Will the whole of the ‘green’ area on the guide map be covered by the new Fantasyland expansion?

    Deb: It will certainly fill a good portion of it. The majority of the expansion has not opened yet!

  15. This looks great! Barnstormer was my son’s favorite so I hope it will be open in 29 days! Will they have a 10:00 opening time or open at the same time as the rest of MK?

  16. we are coming to disney world in aug 2012 will all of fantasyland be finished? we are so looking forward to seeing it.

    Deb: Fantasyland will not be finished completely until 2013.
    It will continue to open in phases.

  17. Where is the beast castle on the map, I don’t see it or will it be when the rest of the expansion opens?

    Deb: The Beast’s castle is on the far left of the expansion area. It is not yet highlighted on the maps.

  18. Thanks for the pictures. Going next week, so can’t wait to see it. To bad they did away with Mickey and Minnies houses. My grandaughter loved them both.

  19. Thank you so much for your updates and pictures!! This expansion and the addition of the Art of Animation Resort is SOOOOO exciting!! Visiting next year in February so I think we’ll have LOTS of new stuff to see & do!! It’s a long way off but your website helps my Disney addiction!

  20. Thank you for posting all the photos and the map information for the new fantasyland. Just one question – could you show a little bit more map area so that I can see where in relation the new area is to the old area? I can not wait for my next trip in 48 days!

    Deb: I just uploaded the full Fantasyland portion for you.

  21. So cool! But I thought that they were putting in a dual Dumbo with two sides to it in order to accommodate more riders. Was this just a rumor or is it coming in the next phase? Thanks for the info and picture of the map!

    Deb: The 2nd Dumbo is under construction plus there will be an interactive queue area for both – also under construction.