The 2 Disney World Bathrooms Experts Always Try to Gatekeep

There are a lot of decisions to make while you are at Disney World. Which ride are you going to ride next, what are you going to have for lunch, what merchandise items are you going to buy?

We are sharing two of our favorite bathrooms!

Amongst all those important decisions is another very important one, which bathroom should you go to? Here at AllEars, we take bathroom decisions very seriously, and we do believe that not all Disney World bathrooms are created equal.

When the time comes to stop by the bathroom, we want to make sure you are choosing the best option. There are lots of opinions about which bathrooms are the best and you will often see the Tangled bathrooms in Magic Kingdom be brought up. However, today we wanted to let you in on two of our other favorite bathrooms that don’t get talked about as much as they should.


We are starting off in EPCOT and heading over to the American Adventure Pavilion for our first set of bathrooms. These bathrooms are nestled in the corner a bit, but trust us, they are worth the extra walk to get to. When you are facing the entrance to The American Adventure show, they will be off to your right.

American Adventure Pavilion

We love these bathrooms because they have some great air conditioning and are HUGE! Plus, we have noticed that they are usually really clean and since they are a bit off the main walking path, usually not as crowded. While they don’t have as great of theming as the Tangled bathrooms, they are spacious, clean, and comfortable.

American Adventure Bathrooms

For our second set of bathrooms, we are headed over to Magic Kingdom! It can be hard to find bathrooms that aren’t super crowded in Magic Kingdom, but we are sharing one of our favorites with you.

Magic Kingdom

These bathrooms are located on Main Street U.S.A., right next to City Hall when you first enter Magic Kingdom. When you are facing City Hall, they will be on the right side. There are a bunch of benches out in front, but keep walking and you will see them.

City Hall in Magic Kingdom

These bathrooms are one of our favorites because they are super spacious! Once you are inside, make sure you keep walking as there are two rows of bathrooms. Lots of people completely miss the second row, so usually there are lots of open stalls here! These bathrooms are usually kept very clean and they are super convenient for bathroom stops when you first arrive at Magic Kingdom or when you are headed out of the park.

Main Street U.S.A.

While we are sharing secrets about our favorite bathrooms in the parks, we may as well share even more secrets with you! If you want to learn about some bizarre Disney secrets, check out our YouTube video:

We always love sharing our favorite tips, tricks, and secrets with our readers, so make sure you stay tuned to AllEars for even more Disney World tips!

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What are your favorite bathrooms at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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