11 Must-Have Souvenirs From Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom

There are SO many places to buy souvenirs in Magic Kingdom!

Tomorrowland Launch Depot

If you’re hoping to snag something special to remember your trip, it’s easy to visit one of the larger shops like The Emporium to see a little bit of everything. However, if you want a more specific souvenir to remember a favorite attraction, land, or character, we’re taking you on the tour of the must-have souvenirs from Tomorrowland!

First up, we’re heading to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin Photos to snag (what else?) a Buzz Lightyear action figure! This is a classic must-have for all you Toy Story fans out there, and you can snag it for only $34.99.

It’s THE space ranger!

If Buzz Lightyear isn’t your #1 priority, then we recommend going to the land’s largest and newest shop — Tomorrowland Launch Depot. This store opened with TRON Lightcycle / Run and has an entire collection of classic Tomorrowland merch, including this jersey for $64.99

Tomorrowland Jersey

You could also pick up the matching Tomorrowland Loungefly Backpack for $78!

Loungefly backpack

And of course, there’s a Tomorrowland Spirit Jersey as well. This one would be great for those colder months, and it’s $79.99.

Spirit Jersey

While you’re in Tomorrowland Launch Depot, you definitely have to pick up a Space Mountain souvenir, and this mug is our pick! It’s made to look just like the iconic ride and it’s available for $24.99.

Space Mountain mug

The shop is also filled with TRON-themed gadgets and gizmos, like this helmet! You can pick one up for $59.99.

TRON helmet

They’ve even got a Flynn’s Arcade shirt! You can get this in either a long-sleeve gray design or a similar white t-shirt design.

Flynn’s Arcade gear

But perhaps the thing that Tomorrowland Launch Depot is best known for is the TRON Identity Program, where you can design your own action figure, or Program, from the films. You get to personalize the figure with sound effects and your own face!

TRON Identity Program action figure

This experience is $89.99 per figure and takes about 20 minutes total. You’ll step inside designated design stalls to create your own souvenir.

You can even buy accessories!

Last but not least, we suggest heading over to Star Traders next to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. This shop is your go-to for Lilo & Stitch merchandise, like this puzzle for $29.99.

A fun activity to do when you get home!

You can also get the Stitch hat — complete with ears — for $29.99.

Stitch Hat

And of course, they’ve got a gigantic Stitch plush for $69.99! All to pay homage to the old Stitch’s Great Escape attraction that used to live next door.

Stitch Plush

So there you have it — the souvenirs we recommend snagging from Tomorrowland! They’ve got a little bit of everything. Stay tuned to AllEars for more updates from Disney World!

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Which souvenir would you buy? Tell us in the comments!

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