We Did Disney World’s NEW Custom TRON Experience — Is It Worth It?

TRON Lightcycle / Run is officially open in Disney World, but that’s not all!

TRON Lightcycle / Run

There’s a whole other TRON experience in Magic Kingdom that you may not even know about. But it’s time to book those reservations because the TRON Identity Program is now open!

This new experience is found inside the Tomorrowland Launch Depot. What does it allow you to do, you may ask? Oh, you know, just create your own action figure!


During this experience, you’ll create a Program (the action figure) and customize it to both look and sound like you by scanning your face and recording six lines of dialogue! You’ll also get an identity chip, which you can use on other TRON merchandise to “re-program” them and interact with your action figure.


We’ve been interested to find out how this new experience works ever since it was announced, and now we have the chance to try it out for ourselves! Let’s go!

The Tomorrowland Launch Depot is the newly renamed Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. AKA, the gift shop at the exit of Space Mountain.

Tomorrowland Launch Depot

Once we stepped inside and checked in for our reservation, we had a Cast Member explain to us how the process works. Inside the customization chamber, you’ll go through a few different steps to create your own action figure. There’s the helmet selection, the body configuration, the team color, and the command input.

How the process works

We were also shown various add-on options that can be purchased to work with your Program (action figure).

The other accessories!

After that, it’s time to get your key card and head to the customization room! You’ll need to scan your card at the kiosk to begin.

Next up, we’ve got to get our reference shots!

There’s no time limit to capture the perfect photos. Keep in mind that these will be used to make your Program look like you.

Our reference photos

Now on to the various choices! First up is the helmet. There are four designs to pick from.

Then we choose a body configuration. There are multiple types and you can pick the one that most resembles your real-life body type or go for something different entirely.

Body types

Of course, we’ve got to decide which color team we’re on, too!

Picking a team color

And finally, it’s time to record our “command input.” There is a list of phrases to choose from.

Different phrases

Here’s what it’s like to record your phrases.

Once all the steps are complete, your Program will be “digitized.” We’re so excited!

When it’s ready, you can come back with your User key card to pick it up.

User Key Card

It’ll take about 20 minutes to customize your action figure. Disney has said that you will have to wait another 60 minutes to pick it up, but when we did this experience we initially checked back after around 2 hours and our figure wasn’t ready yet. So be sure to give yourself more than enough time to be in the park and wait for your figure to be ready.

This experience is recommended for guests ages 14 and up, and it’ll cost you $89.99 per figure, plus tax.


You are allowed to bring someone with you to watch this customization experience happen, but they won’t be able to participate in building the actual action figure.

We kept checking back for our figure to be ready and it ended up taking about 3 hours instead of the 60 minutes we were originally told.

The finished product!

So is it worth the cost? Well, that’s up to you! It’s comparable to building a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop or a droid at Droid Depot, and it’s cheaper than both of those experiences. Plus, you get an action figure that looks just like you and it doesn’t take up too much time in the day. We thought it was a really cool experience, and we’re interested to hear what our readers think!

Time to Get Our Little Friend

There’s a look at what it’s like to pick up your figure.

Our Figure

And here’s a closer look — wow, that Program’s face looks familiar!

Time to Get Our Program

The box design is really fun because it looks like the TRON arcade game and has all kinds of cute details.


You’ll also find a TRON design on the box…


…and some details and instructions.

Program Box

We’ll keep you updated with any more news about this experience, as well as other offerings in Disney World. Stay tuned to AllEars!

Check out the new TRON pop-up shop that’s opened as well right here!

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Are you planning to try this new experience? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Any idea how to remove the chip in the action figure and replace it with one of the chips they sell in the store? Multiple CMS working there told me I can switch out the chip in the figure. I can’t find any posts online about this. Ugh.