5 Ways EPCOT’s New Attraction Has Disney Adults Confused

The culmination of EPCOT’s years-long construction has some confused. 

CommuniCore Hall

Earlier this month, CommuniCore Hall – – the final piece of EPCOT’s half-a-decade-long “reimagining” opened and many people’s reaction to the space has been that it is, well…underwhelming. We were left a bit confused after seeing the space — and so were many AllEars readers!

Why is there so much dead space?

The first question is simply “where is everything?” CommuniCore Hall is almost like an inverse of Doctor Who’s Tardis: The building appears smaller on the outside than we expected it to be, and yet inside it feels like a massive empty space. Reader John compared it to “giant hotel convention center lobby from the early 2000’s.” However, we do think at some point it will be a bit more lively.

Such a beautiful mural!

How Will it Be Used During Festival Season?’

For better or worse, much of EPCOT’s year is dedicated to festivals these days, and from the beginning we’ve known that CommuniCore Hall was being built with festival usage in mind. During the press preview event we attended, the area was much more lively than it was once it officially opened, with plenty of things to do, as well as food stands. We have a feeling that this is closer to how the area will work during festival season.

CommuniCore Hall Media Event

Why didn’t the Encanto Show Take the Elements into Account?

One of our favorite elements of CommuniCore Hall – – even taking into the account the lack of live singers – -is the Encanto show performed outside. However, both we and you were questioning why Disney didn’t take Orlando’s weather into better account? Audiences who watch outside are baking in the sun with no shade, and if it rains, the entire performance is awkwardly shuttled inside CommuniCore Hall. 


Why Is the Park Area So Basic? 

Initially, we were excited to see that an outdoor park area that could double as seating during festival season had been built. However, it’s bit of a let down that this faux-grass area has little in the way of shade, and offers simple lawn games that one could purchase at their local Target. The whole area gave some of our readers on Facebook like Lydia the vibe of being “Cheap picnic tables and no entertainment.”

“Squishy” Turf

Overall, why did it take so long? 

This is the overall biggest issue our readers brought up in relation to CommuniCore Hall, with reader after reader questioning why it took so long. Reader Kaitlyn wrote “Glad it’s finally done, but underwhelming for the time and $$$ spent” and reader Rhonda added, “For the amount of time it took, I am hoping there is more to it than what I am seeing so far. I know Covid slowed things down, but it still seemed like a long construction time for what it seems to offer.” Reader Lisa was slightly kinder, saying “I don’t mind it. I just question what on earth took 4 years to complete with that design?”

Imagination Tribute

Finally, reader Jason seemed to sum up the feelings of many, writing, “It’s taking up valuable real estate they should be something to do there at all times and right now the hall is just seating and emptyness – even at this time you can tell it could have been much better.”

Festival Favorites

The reaction to CommuniCore Hall has likely been much more confused than Disney could have anticipated, as many are questioning the value of what was added. We should note however that we won’t have a real idea of what to think of CommuniCore Hall until we see it during a festival. Stay tuned to AllEars for further EPCOT coverage.

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What do you think of CommuniCore Hall? Do you think the confusion is warranted, or are people judging too harshly? Let us know in the comments below. 

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3 Replies to “5 Ways EPCOT’s New Attraction Has Disney Adults Confused”

  1. I was grateful for the space during a recent visit. My daughter had fallen asleep and I was looking for a quieter space for her to nap and found communicore hall. There was seating and tables and it had AC. I was able to lay her down in a more comfortable position. While sitting with her a Disney cast member was giving a tour to a prospective chef/ restaurant owner and shared that the space would be used for festivals and the kitchen viewing doors could be opened. He shared that the kitchens were state of the art and had everything anyone could want. Another of the special events cast members shared that Epcot has also been a favorite wedding destination so the space could be divided for wedding parties. It seems they need a multipurpose space and that is precisely what they built. I was very grateful for the ac and comfortable seating and the quiet though I imagine it will not always be that way.

  2. There is some aspect of a final let down, after waiting so long to see what would come of all of this Epcot reimagining. I remember when the Imagineers had the preview model and short videos on display in the Odyssey Center, and how amazing those plans looked. But I think it was the crazy overreaction to Covid that Disney had under “Cheapek” that really doomed this project. They haven’t regained their footing ever since 2020, ever since all of those horrible decisions. Just look at how long it took for them to reestablish tram service at all the parks. And under his poor management and lack of sane guidance that everything turned to making a quick buck, and always to the detriment of guest experiences and satisfaction. I’m really just surprised they haven’t figured out a way to make a quick buck in this last bit of the project at Communicore Hall, but maybe that was a part of the plan under the original “Cheapek” approved design that was scrapped under Iger? Who knows…

  3. People just love to criticize, don’t they? I don’t doubt that these spaces will be used during festivals. And what is so wrong with empty space? Release those kiddos from their strollers, pack away their devices and let them run around! Disney is fantastic at design. For those of you who are too busy noticing what’s around you because you’re running from one attraction to another, I beg you. Slow down, look around you and appreciate the PARK! You’ll miss so many amazing things if you’re just running to stand in every 2 hour line there is. WDW is so much more than the newest ride.