I’ve Overheard Some Wicked Good Tips From Hollywood Studios Cast Members, and These Are My FAVORITES!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios can be a tricky park to navigate.

Hollywood Studios

Not because it’s particularly large, it’s actually the second smallest park (after Magic Kingdom), but it’s home to a lot of extremely popular rides, meaning you’ll often find long wait times here and high Genie+ prices. But there ARE ways to make sure you have the best day ever, and here are the tips to make that happen!

Check the Forecasted Wait Times

While we do recommend purchasing Genie+ in Hollywood Studios if you’re looking to skip as many lines as you can and do everything there is, you also should use the FREE version of Genie on your My Disney Experience App to check the forecasted wait times for each attraction.


To see these forecasted wait times, just look up whatever attraction you want to check out, and look at the “Forecasted Wait Today” section. While times are subject to change, you can plan ahead to go when the attraction won’t be at its peak time. Instead of waiting in a 60 minute line, you could hit at a 30 minute wait with no line-skipping needed!

Getting The BEST Score of Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Mania is located in Toy Story Land and is a fun, family-friendly shooter attraction. While the attraction itself is tons of fun no matter what score you get, if you’re feeling competitive, getting the best score in your car gets you some major bragging points.

Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios

Here are some quick tips to help you get the highest score!

  • Don’t play the practice round other than to get a feel of the game
  • In the first scene after the practice round, hit all the animals near the barn in the top corner and flip the barn as many times as you can
  • Pop all three 500 point balloons near the volcano in the next scene and work with your partner to BOTH hit the comet in the top corner to unlock more 500 point balloons!

And there’s way more where that came from!

Check out ALL of our best Toy Story Mania tips right here!

Check Skyliner Hours

Unlike other modes of transportation, the Disney World Skyliner often closes earlier than you may expect. This can cause major issues if you’ve park hopped out of Hollywood Studios or EPCOT and you need to get back to your car at the other park. Plus, the Skyliner will also close in bad weather!

Disney Skyliner

Yes, you can take a Disney bus, walk to the other park, hop on a boat, or at the very worst, order a rideshare. You can check these hours on your My Disney Experience App, or you can ask a nearby Hollywood Studios or EPCOT Cast Member. Do NOT let this wait until the last minute — you very well may regret it!

Rope Dropping Fantasmic! Is a No

Now, don’t get us wrong, this is often NOT something you can just walk up right as the show is starting and grab a seat (unless it’s a totally dead day). However, getting in line an hour before showtime is usually a little too much.

Sorcerer Mickey at Fantasmic!

Instead, we recommend getting in around 30 minutes ahead of time if it’s a busy park day, or 15 minutes ahead of time if it’s a mediocre crowd day. But if seeing the show is 100% a necessity for you, then get in line as early as you feel is necessary to make sure you grab a seat! This is a pretty massive theatre though, so other than wildly busy times, it’s usually not too hard to get a seat.

There Is ONE Ride You Should Rope Drop

Hear us out here — we’re not big fans of rope dropping in Hollywood Studios at all, but if you are, there’s ONE ride you should ride at rope drop — Slinky Dog Dash.

Slinky Dog Dash

Yes, this is because of its wildly long wait time, but MORE because the line for this ride is atrocious. There’s little to no shade for a majority of the line, and in the summer heat, that can feel like a death sentence. So do yourself a favor — head to Slinky at rope drop when its cooler, and then wait in the other long lines that are much cooler!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’re in the Disney World parks every single day so we can bring you the best tips and tricks, even as things change inside the parks, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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