I Was a Disney World Cast Member, and I’m Letting You in on a Fantasmic! Secret

If you didn’t already know that the AE team includes several former Disney World Cast Members, now you do!


Our team members worked across several different sectors, from food services, to custodial, to attractions, to entertainment. While each of these experiences deserve their own little deep dive, we’re going to focus on the entertainment aspect of working at Disney World. One of the editors here at AE was an entertainment Cast Member, and she learned SO. MUCH. about the ins and outs of Disney World’s live shows and parades. One of those? Fantasmic!

Fantasmic! is a fan-favorite nighttime spectacular that takes place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sorcerer Mickey at Fantasmic!

The show follows a dream that Mickey has, and you’ll see all sorts of magical things happen — from light and water effects to fireworks! Right before the fireworks, though, you’ll see a big boat driven by Steamboat Willie, and aboard that boat are TONS of beloved characters, including Disney Princesses and their Princes.

Hi, friends!

Before the fireworks can take place, though, you’ll see the royalty disappear to head inside the boat. This is to keep the Cast Members safe from the fireworks. Nobody wants sparks or debris landing on them — especially when you’re in a ballgown!


However, there’s only one Princess that doesn’t leave to head inside. It’s Ariel! She’s a mermaid, so she can’t just walk into the cabin of the boat.


Prince Eric is there to save the day, though. Don’t worry y’all, Disney doesn’t like sushi that much. On the far left of the boat, you can sometimes see Prince Eric throwing a flame-retardant blanket over Ariel so that she doesn’t catch on fire. So romantic.

Romance at its finest

The Cast Members have a special phrase for this, though. They call it “bagging the fish.” So tender. So heartwarming. Reminds us of that scary part in Finding Nemo. 


So… the next time you’re watching Fantasmic!, keep an eye out for when Eric bags the fish. You can sometimes spot it on the far left. We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney news, so make sure to follow along for more!

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