I Was a Disney World Cast Member. Here Are 7 Restaurant SECRETS You Need To Know.

When working at Disney World, you tend to learn a LOT about not only where you work, but about Disney World property in general.


As a team that includes several former Cast Members, we get asked on the regular for best advice and tips regarding several experiences, but one of the most common is DINING. Disney World restaurants are an adventure in themselves, and they can be confusing if you’ve never visited before. Our former Cast Members  are here to save the day with some things they learned.

Here are seven Disney World restaurant secrets you NEED to know!

The end of the night can be a GREAT time.

Okay, so this one isn’t guaranteed. It happened to us one time, though, and it was magical. At the end of the night at quick service locations, the Cast Members will sometimes pixie dust guests by giving them the leftovers.

There’s no harm in visiting right before closing time!

Seriously! One of our team members once left the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT with like, four pretzels. Once again, this isn’t guaranteed. And we probably wouldn’t ASK a Cast Member for free food. However, if you visit right before closing time, and you’re really nice, they could offer.

Allergy-friendly foods come out HOT.

You know how when you eat at certain quick service locations, you’ll get your food and then it’s barely warm — at best? There’s nothing worse than cold, soggy french fries!

Life hack for always-hot chicken tendies!

Life hack: Ask for them gluten or dairy free. They taste almost exactly the same and come out PIPING hot. They do take a bit longer, so you’ll have to wait for them, but it’s worth it.

You can ask to swap out sauces, sides, and more!

At table service restaurants where dishes are made-to-order, you can swap out certain aspects of the dish if they aren’t what you prefer.

Your server will help you make sure you like your food, we promise

You can ask for a different sauce, extra sauce, no sauce, and even different sides. Want French fries but not the mashed potatoes that come with your dish? Don’t steal from your group members’ plates, just ask the Cast Member if you can swap sides! It usually isn’t an issue.

Tell the restaurant ahead of time if you’re celebrating!

Either call or ask the Cast Members at the check-in desk BEFORE your reservation time if you’re celebrating something special.

They can decorate your table!

We’ve seen restaurants help celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and engagements by decorating tables with confetti and even arranging cloth napkins to look like Mickey! If you make special requests and bring decor with you, they can help you out with that as well.

Ask about secret menus.

How to order off a secret menu? You have to ask a Cast Member what’s on the secret menu!

Skipper Canteen has one of the BEST secret menus

The items rotate frequently, so it’s fun to ask ever time you visit and try something new off the secret menus each time.

Communicate with the Blueberries at character dining locations

Character attendants wear blue shirts that earn them the nickname “Blueberries.” If you get skipped or have a special request from a character at a character dining location, just talk to a Blueberry!

Cinderella at Cinderella’s Royal Table

They really do have the power to make some magic!

Try to get last-minute reservations.

Did that ‘Ohana reservation get filled before you could grab it? You can always try again the day of or the day before to see if you have any luck!


A lot of times, plans change, and people cancel right before their reservations. You might have even BETTER luck if you call the reservation hotline and speak with a Cast Member.

What do you think? Will you be trying any of these out? We’ll continue to keep you updated with more Disney news, so make sure to follow along for more!

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