Uh Oh! A Controversial NEW Addition Has Arrived at EPCOT

When Disney World brought EPCOT’s show, Harmonious, to World Showcase Lagoon, the placement of barges and a massive Stargate-looking contraption proved controversial to many Disney World guests.


After Disney World’s 50th Anniversary ended, though, so did Harmonious, and those structures were eventually removed. However, new structures have since been added, presumably for EPCOT’s NEW nighttime show, and well, now something has appeared that will certainly become controversial.

Yep, here we go again — there’s a new barge in World Showcase Lagoon now that could very well appear to be an eyesore. This new barge seems to have a lot of lights attached. Take a look and see for yourself.

Here we go again

This structure will likely be used for Luminous — The Symphony of Us, which will debut in EPCOT on December 5th, 2023. Although we think EPCOT guests will be excited about the new show, we’re not sure how happy they’ll be about more unappealing structures just hanging around in World Showcase Lagoon during the daytime. The previous structures for Harmonious proved quite controversial, but, apparently, here we go again.

Some kind of lighting structure?

However, there is one big difference with these ones. According to Scott Gustin on Twitter, these are designed to be brought in and out of the lagoon each day.

Luminous will include a combination of fireworks, fountains, lasers, lighting effects, and Disney music. We’re not sure what this new barge will be used for, but there is certainly a LOT to it.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more additions to World Showcase Lagoon, as well as updates about the new EPCOT show, so check back with AllEars again soon.

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Do you think this new structure is an eyesore in World Showcase Lagoon? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Uh Oh! A Controversial NEW Addition Has Arrived at EPCOT”

  1. Not to worry. The barges are designed to be towed into the lagoon before the show. They will not be eyesores during the day.