Rise of Resistance Broke Down Over 500 Times Last Year in Disney World

We’d like to believe that Disney is infallible and everything works perfectly all the time, but of course, that isn’t true.

Hollywood Studios had some bad luck this year

Rides have to temporarily shut down for one reason or another from time to time. While it isn’t ideal, we understand it’s for our safety.

We already checked in on which rides closed the most in Magic Kingdom during 2022 (the top 2 might surprise you!). But what about Hollywood Studios? Let’s check in and see what attractions made the top of the list. First, we have our runner-up for most-frequently-closed in Hollywood Studios, and it’s Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway!

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

The trackless ride closed 331 different times throughout 2022 over the span of 231 days. Do you think there was some bad luck lingering after it took over the former spot of fan-favorite The Great Movie Ride?

Long line in Hollywood Studios

This is a popular ride, so the frequent break-downs definitely didn’t help the already lengthy wait times. Guess it just went off the rails a few times! (We couldn’t resist the pun.) Plenty of guests still consider the wait worth it for the fun and whimsical ride, even with a large portion of the queue outdoors in the hot sun! Now, for the attraction that was closed the most during 2022 in Hollywood Studios … drum roll please …

Rise of the Resistance

… none other than Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance! This attraction was closed 302 days of 2022. That’s over 80% of the year! Throughout this time, the ride closed a massive 580 times.

Rise of the Resistance queue

This attraction has a TON of moving parts (literally), so we can understand how things could easily go wrong and throw the whole production off. Like Runaway Railway, Rise of the Resistance has trackless vehicles, but also includes other facets like animatronics, traditional moving ride vehicles, plus tons of other tech, so there are a lot of opportunities for things to break down.

First pre-show room

Did you get caught waiting for either of these rides in this past year? We hope that Disney was able to iron out some of these kinks and we won’t see as many closures in the upcoming years. As always, stay tuned to our site for the latest on ride closures, openings, and other Disney park news!

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