BREAKING: Annual Pass Price INCREASES Revealed for Disney World

Adjust those budgets — your Annual Pass to Disney World is about to cost you MORE money.

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We’ve seen a number of changes made to Annual Passes over the years, including the most recent changes in 2021 in terms of pass types and pricing. While most Annual Passes for Disney World are still on pause in terms of new sales, renewals are available. And while it doesn’t look like some of that will necessarily be changing immediately, some Annual Pass changes ARE on the way.

Disney World Annual Passes are getting a PRICE INCREASE starting December 8th, 2022. Here’s what you need to know.

In terms of pricing, Disney’s Pixie Dust Pass will stay at its current price, but the cost for the other 3 pass types will be increased.

Annual passes can get you exclusive treats sometimes!

But sales are still paused for most pass types, so that’s something important to remember. Sales for Incredi-Pass, Sorcerer Pass, and Pirate Passes are still on pause and will remain paused as Disney focuses on its existing Passholders.

Pixie Dust Passes (exclusive to Florida residents) are available for new purchases. And all pass types are available for renewal.

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In terms of pricing, here’s what the new pass prices will look like:

  • Incredi-Pass: going from $1,299 to $1,399 ($100 increase)
  • Sorcerer Pass: going from $899 to $969 ($70 increase)
  • Pirate Pass: going from $699 to $749 ($50 increase)
  • Pixie Dust Pass: staying at $399 (no change)
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Thus far, this is what Disney shows on their website for renewal pricing, but we’ll keep an eye out for updates on that.

With the December 8th changes, there will be increases on the renewal costs. Annual Passholders will still get a discount on their renewals and it will be at the same percentage, but the renewal costs will increase between $43-$100, depending on the type of Annual Pass.


We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more changes and let you know what we find.

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Would you BUY a new pass at these updated prices (when available)? Do you think the prices are worth it? Tell us in the comments.

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5 Replies to “BREAKING: Annual Pass Price INCREASES Revealed for Disney World”

  1. Over 30 visits to Disney starting back in ’78’ and ending last Oct. Disney is a joke after all the changes under Chapek. We will be spending our money at Universal from now on.

  2. My husband & I have been DVC members since 2005. We have had annual passes for a number of years but decided to let them expire this past June due to the increased cost & our disenchantment with the parks over the past few years. WDW has been our “happy place” since our honeymoon there in 1975. If we were able to renew we would be eligible for the Sorcerer’s pass which would cost us over $1900 for just the two of us. I think not! We took our annual pass dollars this year & did a week long stay at Aulani without all the stress of jumping through the WDW hoops.

  3. I predict they will not sell Incredi-pass Annual Passes again. They might let someone in when someone quits, maybe a waiting list like some sports teams have for stadium tickets. There really is no advantage to them continuing to sell them as given the dynamic pricing someone staying for a week and wanting to come again later that year it would make sense the buy the pass to lock ticket pricing in. My wife and I are AP’s and have been for a long time. We used to flip flop with one person having the AP to get the various discounts on lodging and the other buying tickets or using the non-expiring tickets we purchase when sales of those stopped. We did accept a refund during COVID and bought AP’s the first day they were made available all but knowing they were going to cap the number of AP’s. It is expensive, but the product is good and we live close enough (2 hours by plane) to go multiple times per year.
    The surge pricing for regular customers is crap and amounts to gouging as does Genie+ which I have never used nor do I see myself paying for. We are patient and I can do the time in the line or work around the super long wait times.

  4. Disney is on the cusp of just about pricing me out of an annual pass, even with a DVC discount. I was not happy when I renewed my pass for this year and had to drop a level since there was no discount on the Incredipass. More and more perks are being taken away; luckily the shopping discount is still available. If I can get the same perks as a DVC member, it might be time to reevaluate a pass. And let’s not even get on the dining discount offered.
    It seems all guests are unimportant VS the bottom line. I understand as a business they are wanting to make a profit, but many magical things are being brushed away, taken away with promise of returning(DDP or TIW) or completely done away with. The magic is indeed slipping away. Thank-you.

  5. I guess they want the low spenders to stay away. I’d be willing if they’re willing to refund my annual pass.