These Prizes for the EPCOT Flower & Garden Scavenger Hunt Were WORTH the Wait!

We’ve been celebrating the 2022 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival for a couple of weeks now — but the party is just getting started!

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival Topiaries

One of our favorite Disney World festival past times is participating in the various scavenger hunts. This year, though, we recommended NOT doing Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration because the 2022 prizes for this scavenger hunt had not yet arrived in EPCOT — until now!

The beloved Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration scavenger hunt is a fun way to explore all the Flower & Garden Festival has to offer. You can pick up a map at Creations Shop, Disney Traders, or World Travelers for $9.99.

Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration Map

Once you find each item on the scavenger hunt list, you can turn your map in for a prize! Up until now, guests who completed the 2022 Pollen Nation Exploration received a Frozen plate from Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Scavenger Hunt.

Frozen plates for Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Expedition

BUT — the official 2022 prizes have landed, and we want one of each! These cute little containers featuring our favorite Flower & Garden pals are reusable and definitely go with the theme of “growing green” for this year’s fest.

2022 Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration Prizes

There’s Spike the Bee, Orange Bird, Gardener Mickey, and Figment!

2022 Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration Prizes

Be sure to complete the whole scavenger hunt and then turn your map in for one of these adorably sustainable prizes. We’re doing everything there is to do at the 2022 Flower & Garden Festival, so for more updates be sure to stay tuned to AllEars!


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Will you be on the hunt for Spike the Bee at this year’s Flower & Garden Festival? Let us know in the comments! 

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One Reply to “These Prizes for the EPCOT Flower & Garden Scavenger Hunt Were WORTH the Wait!”

  1. Yes I paid $10 and the hunt for Spike was fun but too easy. For the past ten days I looked for a better prize than the “Blue Plate Special.” As I called it. Now, the first day back in New York, lo and behold are these adorable containers. Just not a lucky trip for us this time. Also, here is a tip I learned the hard way. If rain with lightning is predicted, DONT GET ON Skyliner or a boat. You will wait for an hour or more until a six mike radius is clear. Take a bus. I felt terrible for the stranded Skyliner riders, dangling up there trapped for well over an hour, while lightning bolts were seen.