One Disney World Annual Passholder Perk is Coming BACK in 2022!

The holiday crowds have put a few things on pause in Disney World.

Holiday crowds are raging in Disney World

Currently, some annual pass sales are paused, and tickets are sold out on certain days when Disney Park Passes are completely booked up. And during this time, bonus reservations haven’t been available for Annual Passholders, but now the perk is coming back for 2022!

What are bonus reservations, you may ask? Well, Annual Passholders can only hold between 3-5 Disney Park Pass reservations at a time. However, there are some “bonus reservations” available on the calendar that passholders can book without them counting against their total. They’re typically available on less busy days for the less popular parks.

Annual Passholder entrance at Animal Kingdom

The first ones on the calendar for January are for the 5th and 6th. On the 5th, you can book a bonus reservation at Animal Kingdom, and you can get one at EPCOT on the 6th. (It’ll be between festivals, so EPCOT probably won’t be as busy as usual.)


UPDATE: It appears more bonus reservations have been added for January. One member of our team with a Gold Annual Pass shared that their calendar showed availability for a bonus reservation for Animal Kingdom on January 11th and a bonus reservation for Magic Kingdom on January 12th. Another member of our team with a Pirate Pass looked at their calendar and it showed bonus reservations for January 9th, 11th, and 12th.

If you have an Annual Pass, be sure to look at your Park Pass availability calendar to see what additional bonus reservations are available for you.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Even more Bonus Reservations have been added! Two more bonus reservations were added for the week of January 17th. January 17th and January 19th now have bonus reservations available!


On Monday, January 17th, you can make a bonus reservation at Magic Kingdom…


…and on Wednesday, January 19th, you can make a bonus reservation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


We’ll keep our eyes out for any other changes (like if Disney resumes annual pass sales) so stay tuned to AllEars!

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Are you heading to Disney World in January? Tell us in the comments!

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8 Replies to “One Disney World Annual Passholder Perk is Coming BACK in 2022!”

  1. Di$ney has made visiting the parks to complicated (non spontaneous) in an effort to nickel and dime its guests.
    Di$ney should get rid of Genie, current L-Lanes and all ride reservations and just create a simple L-Lane pass that lets you use any ride’s L-Lane without a reservation. Di$ney could charge a $100 per person, which they really wants to increase the admission fee to, but fear guest retribution.

  2. This is not a perk having to have a reservation when you have an annual pass is just wrong. No other parks require reservations and no one likes the reservation system. Fire bob chapek

    1. Disney’s new reservation system is terrible. Their new annual pass holder rates are more expensive without any extra benefits. I’ve been a pass holder for 5 yrs and this is the last year. Universal is much more affordable or i’ll take my family on a cruise and not a disney cruise!