Where to Find the SOLD OUT 50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler in Disney World!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Disney World! Whether you’re looking for something EARidiscent, retro, or more on the luxe side, Disney’s got 50th Anniversary merch for you!

Cinderella Castle in its 50th Anniversary best!

However, despite the wide array of 50th Anniversary, a lot of the most popular items tend to sell out. Thankfully, Disney tends to restock and bring back merch, especially for the 18-month long celebration of the 50th Anniversary! Today, we spotted a beloved 50th Anniversary collectible that finally came back to Disney World.

At Port of Entry in EPCOT’s World Showcase, the 50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler is back! This coveted collectible is a glitzy ombre patterned cup that fades from a golden bottom to a deep blue/black that has an EARidescent shine.

They’re finally back!

On one side of the tumbler, you’ll find Disney World’s 50th Anniversary logo and on the other side, you’ll find an engraved Starbucks logo.


Although these cups can hold plenty of delicious coffee they come with a hefty price tag. To grab one of these collectible tumblers, you’ll have to shell out a whopping $49.99! 

These have some serious shine!

However, the tumbler is far from the most expensive piece of 50th Anniversary merch! Items like the gold and jewel-covered $1000 Mickey Ears blow this cup out of the water in terms of price.

Would you wear these?

We’re always on the hunt for the latest merch and the most recent restocks! Stay tuned here for the latest Disney news and more!

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One Reply to “Where to Find the SOLD OUT 50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler in Disney World!”

  1. It would be great if WDW instituted a procedure where past guests could use their confirmation number as a login to purchase these items after their visit when the back order situation is resolved. This way guests can order from home to continue the Magic.